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Calm before the Storm

Tales from the Doug-Out: June 5th, 2018

One thing is for certain we cannot control the weather.
Not a lot of minor ball games this past week, in fact all of our games scheduled on Wednesday night  at home were rained out. Some of the games on Thursday too. We certainly needed the rain, the ball diamonds were dryer than a popcorn fart!! haha.
On Monday night, when it was still hotter than a firecracker and dryer than heck, our Elk Point Minor Ball Association had their team pictures. That same night the Midget girls game was cancelled, at the last minute, so the coaches of the Bantam boys and Midget girls decided to have a little exhibition game just for fun against each other since both teams were all there and in uniform anyway.
The teams pitched and caught to their own players. They used the bigger softball, instead of the baseball the boys would normally use.
Turns out it was quite hilarious watching the boys try to catch the bigger ball, with their smaller gloves.
Using the bigger softball, the girls kicked the boys butts. (At least that’s what I’ve been told). I like to think that the boys let the girls win, because they are nice guys and it is the gentlemanly thing to do! Right?!
The boys better pull up their socks, the Zone 7 talent identification camp and  tryouts for the Summer Games are happening right here tonight. All bantam aged baseball players from Zone 7 are welcome to come. The try ut runs from 5-9 pm on Wilson Field.
The Bantam girls played in Vermilion, on the wet and chilly Wednesday, losing a close one 15 to 13.
The Squirt girls had a great weekend in Vermilion in a tournament winning the first two games 18 to 13 over Lloydminster and 17 to 15 over Marwayne. They did lose to Two Hills 11 to 2 in their third and final game. Two out of three is still pretty darn good I would say.
The Peewee girls played a make up game in Cold Lake, on Sunday, not taking their last bat and still winning 7 to 2.  The Puma infield was on fire shutting down any offense the Cold Lake team could muster up.
The Peewee boys on the other hand lost by one run to Cold Lake last week here at home.
And that’s all we have for this week…  it’s the calm before the storm. Staring this week, for the next three weeks it is going to be really hectic for everyone. All the teams will play two games a week, that means three or four games every night Monday to Thursday here at home, with the league finals on the weekend of June 23 and 24th.  We will be hosting the peewee girls that weekend.
And now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week. ” Home run hitters strike out a lot. ” – Reggie Jackson.

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