Thursday , 22 April 2021

Camp Whitney 646 Challenge

“Our new volunteerism challenge gets its name from this highway upon which every visitor to Camp Whitney travels,” says Jim Bellevue, Chairperson for Camp Whitney. The camp, located on Whitney Lake, just off Highway 646 is looking for help to get the facility going for this summer.

The 646 Challenge is simple, he explains, “we ask social and service groups, churches, schools, businesses, friends and institutions to come together and offer up to Camp Whitney 6 people (or more) for 6 hours. 6 for 6. 646.”

“We exist to be a kids’ camp. We rely on financial donations and other sources of revenue to keep these costs down, to make it possible for more kids to come. But we also rely on volunteers – those who go to meetings, those who fundraise, those who work in our camp kitchen or craft shack while camp is in session, those who work at our camp clean ups – to make it happen.”

Some jobs that volunteers are needed for include:

  • Helping clean at camp start-up in May
  • Working in the kitchen at a certain week during camp in July
  • 6 hours of fundraising activity
  • Picking garbage along the beach
  • Organizing a camp activity
  • Tree clearing & camp site grooming
  • Laying flooring or painting one of our buildings

“There is much to do, and few hands to make it happen,” says Bellevue, “when many pitch in, the load becomes manageable, the burden easier to bear. And labour shared with like minded people can be joyous and beneficial to mind, body and soul.”

Camp Whitney has been operational for over 70 years, “Many school groups and families have benefitted from having an accessible local facility for retreats, reunions and get-togethers.”

“Having this camp for young people is a vital ministry and a joyous experience for us in the United Church, and we wish to become a bigger part of our community; help us to make this happen in the spirit of volunteerism!”

Last summer, due to a lack of volunteers and funding the camp did not operate. This summer Bellevue hopes to be able to run multiple weeks of camp.

If you would like to participate in the challenge, call Jim Belliveau at 780-639-2587, or email [email protected] Better yet… swing by the Open House May 19, 1-4 PM and see the place in person!

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