Green and GOLD

The Village of Glendon and Glendon Parent Advisory is seeking your support to enhance the community, by developing an outdoor leisure area. The area would be used by the entire community.

Theproject has been dreamed of for years and we are finally taking the plunge to see it to fruition. Green and GOLD (Glendon Outdoor Leisure Development) project is an outdoor development that will allow our  community to use and build a physically active life in the Village of Glendon.

Plans are to develop a 400m shale track, outdoor basketball, volleyball, baseball and soccer/ football field; with a green space among the separate sports areas. The goal is to create a space where families and youth would love to enjoy their days outdoors with many activities to do for hours, a place for the whole community to enjoy.

Glendon School has provided 100 years of education to the surrounding and community. The school is known for its successful athletic programs, building academic athletics for many years. “The development of this project will provide access to engage in healthy lifestyle activities to all the community members and to many surrounding communities and groups.”

Your sponsorship will help assure the continuing development of different stages of the Green and G.O.L.D project.  We have already begun our transformation of this space, the areas in red have already been completed.