Lakeland Women’s Conference to share Experience + Wisdom

Everybody has a story

The Lakeland Women’s Conference has invited over 20 panelists of local women to share their experience and wisdom with other woman at the inaugural event. Along with local professionals, stay-at-home-moms, and retirees, sharing their experiences, the event features keynote speaker, Beverly Bossum.

“She was one of the first female who enlisted with RCMP in 1974,” organizer Diahann Polege-Aulotte, says Bossum was a real trail blazer, “she retired out a few years ago, as Commissioner of the RCMP.” Polege-Aulotte says the group is excited to host Bossum, “she is a good display as working from the ground and all the way up. The Commissioner is an appointed position, so she’s going to come and tell her story about how it was for her as one of the first RCMP members.” Bossum will speak on forging her way through a prominently male profession and taking her career to the top ranks.

The will also be a dignitary address from Major Lydia Evequoz.  Born in Switzerland and raised in Quebec, Lydia joined the Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 17. Over the last 14 years, she completed a Bachelors and a Masters degree, has been posted to seven locations across the country, and has deployed both domestically and internationally. She currently is the Officer Commanding of the Real Property Operations Detachment Cold Lake. In her free time, Lydia enjoys volleyball, SCUBA diving, and travelling the world with her fiancé.

Following the addresses, the Lakeland Women’s Conference will break out into sessions featuring a multitude of local professional women. Careers ranging from entrepreneurs, to corporate executives, to stay-at-home moms, and recent retirees. The day also features for panels; In Many Forms, Respecting Culture, Economic Empowerment, and Mental Health.

Breakout Sessions

  • Challenges in Business featuring Jena Colbourne & Vicky Wakulchyk
  • Women in Agriculture featuring Lynn Dargis & Alyssa Krone
  • Stories of Immigration featuring Martha Hernandez & Dezha Bilar
  • Career Moms featuring Pam Gibbs & Jimmy Lou Irvine
  • Seize the Grey featuring Jean Antoniuk, Isabelle Hedu & Rita Norman
  • Women in Politics featuring Karen Collins & Judy Cabay
  • Overcoming Stereotypes featuring Monique Morgan


  • In Many Forms featuring Melodie Baskerville, Sheri Bourget & Laura Ewanishan
  • Respecting Culture; This is my Home featuring Dr. Leona Makokis & Carmen Jubinville
  • Economic Empowerment featuring Kristen Kress, Kathrine Hotte & Catherine Hans
  • Mental Health featuring Florence Remesz, Ann Chislett & Brenda Parsons


The Lakeland Women’s Conference September 16th, at the Centennial Centre. The all day event is only $10, tickets available online, through The organizing committing recommends purchasing tickets in advance.