Sunday , 1 August 2021

Back to School

Cop Corner; Issue No. 38
The cries of “can I get a new backpack” or “I need a new calculator” have been heard by most parents now for several weeks.  If you’re like me, things get pushed aside in favour of a sunny day at the beach or a last minute project.  If you’re behind the 8 Ball don’t fuss, no one’s head will fall off if they’re not 100% ready this week.  But while you’re busy getting them physically and logistically prepared for school, don’t forget to spend some time talking about relationships and, “the way things are” these days.
The University of British Columbia did a study that showed that 64% of kids in grade 8-10 had been bullied at school and that 72% of kids observed bullying at least once in a while.  Surprisingly, over 20% said that bullying can make people tougher and is a good way to solve problems and perhaps most shockingly; 33% said that bullying is sometimes OK and that it is OK to pick on losers.
These stats disturbed me and I hope you feel the same.  You show me a good thing to come from bullying and I’ll give you a Get Out of Jail Free Card.  Please take a few minutes to chat with your kids about this…it’s a new school year and a page break if you will, an opportunity for all kids to start out fresh.  You may have a few doubts in your mind about how your child carries themselves at school, if you do please have the talk.  It’s important to follow your gut on topics like these and remember, we can help you with resources and materials.  See you in the school zones, Stay Safe.

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