When it Hits the Fan

Cop Corner: Issue No. 35

One of the unique strengths we have in the RCMP is the ability to deploy hundreds of members on short notice to special events or circumstances all across Canada.  Over the years members from your detachment have been deployed to the Calgary and High River Floods, wildcat prison strikes in Edmonton and Saskatchewan, the far north for relief duties, and even the fires in Slave Lake and Fort McMurray.  In the coming weeks we will be deploying to the fires in BC and other duties as far away as the east coast of Canada to assist other RCMP Detachments.
In fact as I type this approximately 12 officers from Cold Lake and Bonnyville are deployed to the Crane Lake area tracking some property thieves casing rural acreages in the area.  Some may question why we release our local resources to these locations which fall outside of our patrol area; rest assured there is a process in place to cover expenses.  What can’t be forgotten is the benefit of being able to call upon our neighbours for assistance during OUR times of need, and a good example of this was during the wildfires north of Dupre in 2012.  This fire had the potential to do some serious damage and we were supported by members from all over the Province.
Another important benefit is the experience and knowledge gained by our members while serving in these complex situations.  Given the experiences of Fort McMurray and High River, mass evacuations could be our specialty and I’m certain that the incident commanders in BC had already consulted with our Alberta personnel for guidance.  That’s what it takes to be a multi-level, multi-disciplinary organization.  Did I mention that we’re hiring?  Stay Safe.