Friday , 25 September 2020

Now you Mow

Residents asked to tidy up yards in Elk Point.

Spring rain and sun in the Lakeland have produced luscious lawns that demonstrate people’s pride in their homes. As well as beautifying neighbourhoods, maintained yards reduce weed distribution and soil erosion.  When everyone contributes, communities are welcoming, attractive, healthy areas.


All residents are reminded that the town owned areas adjacent to their properties also need to be maintained. This includes grassy stretches outside of fenced yards, especially in alleys. Stretches of grass between public sidewalks and streets are also the responsibility of the nearest homeowner.


The maintenance department in Elk Point will be touring town on Thursday, June 15, and letters of enforcement will be sent to homeowners of properties that are overgrown or unkept. These letters are reminders to clean up the yard or mow the lawn, but will be followed by fines if the yards are not brought up to standard.

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