Voyageurs Confirm move to Cold Lake

Board votes unanimously to honour agreement with the City of Cold Lake.


Members of the Executive Committee along with the Manager of Athletics & Recreation and Manager of Community Relations recently came together to discuss the viability of the Voyageurs’ hockey team.

The College’s Administration unanimously concluded that the team is still viable in the current season and should not be placed in hiatus. The group also unanimously agreed that the original decision to partner with the City of Cold Lake will remain in place.

College Administration determined that current circumstances also present sufficient evidence that Cold Lake is the most advantageous business location for the team. The move to Cold Lake will increase the potential for its ongoing financial viability and student success.

• Higher potential for increased revenue off-set to the College due to a larger business community and region to draw from
• Improved Student/Athletic living experiences because of city amenities
• Local Athletic recruiting advantage with two local junior teams and city merchant services/sales
• Potential Athletic Department growth with infrastructure expansion plans underway at the Energy Centre
• Possibility for Athletic Academies with current and future high schools as city infrastructure grows

Portage College’s Administration appreciates the support given to the team by Lac La Biche County. The College also respects the powerful emotions associated with transferring a team whose original home was Lac La Biche. The difficult decision to move the team is part of the Administration’s responsibility to ensure the team’s long term survival and the College’s success.

As part of the decision the College will restructure operational responsibilities to address the needs of the team in Cold Lake. While we operationalize the move we will also be assessing ways to strengthen and grow the College’s relationship with both municipalities.