Slowing it Down

Town & MD Councils to lobby Alberta Transportation to reduce speed limit when entering Bonnyville.

The Town and Municipal District of Bonnyville will support a letter asking Alberta Transportation to reduce the speed of Highway 28 entering the town, starting at the Vezeau Beach/Golf Course turn. The request was prompted by the MD following a series of accidents this year. Both Councils agreed the intersection was dangerous and it would be for the betterment of the people to get the speed reduced to 70 kms/hr at the turn and continuing into town.

Chief Administrative Officer for the MD of Bonnyville, Chris Cambridge explained to MD Council at Wednesday’s meeting, “it’s a 100 zone. The Reeve has asked me, after having people talk to him, about having that reduced.” (Reeve Ed Rondeau was not in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting).

The reduction would start at the bottom of the curved hill along the golf course, however the reduction would start as the motorist coasts down the hill. Cambridge explained, “there’s lots of concerns of the intersection at 611B and Highway 28.” Cambridge added that he has been in contact with the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority and they are also in favour of the proposed change.

The area is not under the MD or the Town’s jurisdiction. The final decision would be made by the Alberta Minister of Transportation, Brian Mason. The Town and the MD will write letters of support for the reduction and hope for support from Alberta Transportation.