Sunday , 11 April 2021

Jason Kenny visits the Lakeland

Kenny’s wants to unite the conservatives in Alberta

The candidate for leadership of the Progressive Conservative party, Jason Kenny, made three stops in the Lakeland on Wednesday; in Bonnyville, Elk Point and Cold Lake. Kenny had a message of unity for each community, the only way to ensure there is not a second term for the NDPs is to unite the conservative parties.

Jason Kenny speaks at the Bonnyville Senior’s Drop-in Centre

Kenny believes that by unite the two larger conservative parties, the Progressive Conservatives and the Official Opposition the Wildrose Party, with the grassroots conservatives, a super power conservative party can be formed. Following the formation of the united conservative party, Kenny believes they will be able to overtake the NDPs in the next Provincial election.

As for the other conservative parties, specifically, the Wildrose Party, Kenny says that Brian Jean is open to uniting. “Mr. Jean said he’s open to the goal of unity and it takes two to tango. He’s waiting for an open and willing partner. I’m trying to get the PC party aligned with the goal of unity, like we did with the Conservative federally, or like they did in Saskatchewan with the Saskatchewan Party.” Kenny says because there would be string opinions, history and egos in the room it would have to be a new party entirely, “obviously, we we need a new name. Wildrose would accept calling it the PCs and PCs wouldn’t accept calling it the Wildrose. We’d have to come up with a new name.”

jason-scottMLA for Bonnyville-Cold Lake, and member of the Wildrose Party, Scott Cyr was in attendance and appeared open to the idea of unity the conservatives. “Another term for the NDP would be tragic for our riding. We need to look at all options for a better direction. Uniting conservatives in Alberta is something the Wildrose have been very adamant that we need to be pursuing. I hope that in the end, the discussions start happening on a grassroots level.”

Kenny is no stranger to helping Alberta, saying while working closely with the Ralph Klein government, “to encourage, difficult, but necessary reforms to get Alberta back on track. They managed to get Alberta out of debt in two year.” Those years came to create the Alberta Advantage, says Kenny, who aims to help the Province be a national leader, once again.

Kenny went into national politics in 1997, “because I didn’t want us to end up with permanent liberal governments because of book splitting.” As Kenny explains, on a national level the Conservatives have already come together to vote in members of the Conservative Government of Canada; which he points to MP for our region, Shannon Stubbs as an example. Reinforcing his stance that the only way to ensure a conservative government is to unite.

Jason Kenny presented a Five Step Plan for Unity to the crowds, and boldly stated for the public to purchase PC memberships and vote for Jason Kenny for leadership in the upcoming election. After he is named leader of the party, he promises to work with the Wildrose Party to negotiate a unity deal. Then he says, “if you don’t like me, don’t vote for me past step one.” Essentially stating that he does not lust after the leadership, he simply wants the united conservative party formed.

Five Point Unity Plan

  1. Elect a Progressive Conservative leader with a strong mandate to unite free-enterprise Albertans in one party.
  2. Immediately negotiate framework agreement with the Wildrose Party to create united free-enterprise party.
  3. Wide open debate leading to referendum of grassroots members on unity agreement.
  4. With grassroots approval, proceed to create united party, including founding convention.
  5. Leadership election for new, united party.

If you would like to learn more about Jason Kenny and his unite the right movement, visit Jason Kenny online, http://www.jasonkenney.ca/


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