Tuesday , 14 July 2020

Bonnyville RCMP Detachment Welcomes Four Cadets

Cadets are fit, fresh & enthusiastic

S/Sgt Luis Gandolfi of the Bonnyville RCMP Detachment updated Bonnyville Town Council on the happenings at the detachment; including the placement of four cadets. S/Sgt Gandolfi explained to Council that with the inclusion of the four cadets, the detachment is at full strength after some members transferred out.

“In this case we had a married couple that was leaving, so that occupied two positions that were leaving at the same time,” four cadets isn’t too unusual for a community to get at once, says S/Sgt Gandolfi. “If you look back at 2012 we had a few members arrive all at once and we’re releasing them.” As S/Sgt Gandolfi explains the term “releasing” is more transferring of members, “[the RCMP] likes to have a new hire, a cadet, arrive and transfer within five years. [The RCMP] don’t like them to get too comfortable in one place; because it is an organization that they like to transfer members and they don’t want them to get too comfortable.”

Having cadets also allows the Bonnyville Detachment to mold the officers and train them to the specifics of the area, explains S/Sgt Gandolfi, “they’re fresh out of training and very fit. Typically, they arrive young and enthusiastic.”

“We’re actually over one [member] now,” S/Sgt Gandolfi says that one member is in the process of selling his house and his replacement has arrived in town. Once the house sells, the member will be moving onto Rocky Mountain House.


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