Monday , 14 June 2021
Several classmates with backpacks looking at camera

Back to School Tips with S/Sgt Landry

Cold Lake RCMP Detachment S/Sgt Jeremie Landry offers tips to help keep everyone safe

As students head back to school tomorrow, S/Sgt Landry would like to remind everyone that there will be increased traffic, pedestrians and traffic laws to be aware of.

“It’s really important to remind motorist that the 30km/hr school zones will be in effect, when school resumes,” S/Sgt Landry explains the reduce speed is necessary with the increased foot traffic from the kids; as well as parents dropping off and picking up their kids. “Pay special attention in those school zones, especially in the morning when kids are dropped off and in the afternoon when they’re picked up. And during lunch, there will be an extra presence.”

“Obey the speed zones during those times that are identified on the signs.” When it comes to foot traffic, remember pedestrians have the right of way, “be mindful of that.”

There’s certain spots in Cold Lake that have increased construction, including around Cold Lake Elementary. Crews have been working hard all summer and continue to work through the week to complete the parking lot and drop off zones; as well as the bus lanes. However, those have not been completed. “Where 16th ave is slightly narrowed, pay extra attention until that parking structure is completed,” informs S/Sgt Landry.

It is illegal to pass a school bus while it has it’s lights on. The lights indicate that a student is coming on or getting off the bus. That student may be crossing the road, with a large bus, visibility is limited. It is important for motorist to obey this law and be mindful of school buses.

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