Monday , 14 June 2021

$175,000 Raised at Hayin’ in the 30s

Over 5000 People Attended Annual Cancer Fundraiser

“It was a great weekend!” claims President of Hayin’ in the 30s, Lorne Buryn, who adds the event was attended by over 5000 and raised an impressive $175,000. The amount raised didn’t reah that of 2015’s over $200,000; however Buryn says with the economy it was more than the committee had projected.

The event was free, with donation, “we had more people [in attendance]. I attribute some of that to where the economy is at.” There aren’t many events that allow people to give what they can and and are family friendly.

“We had around 5000 people attend, Saturday alone, and Sunday was great too,” the day activities spilled into the night. “The dance was packed, all night long. I bet you there must’ve been 500 people at the dance.” Most impressive of all was the supper attendance, “we served just under 2500 people supper and at that, we did it in under an hour – 55 minutes to be exact!” The committee put together a true small town banquet meal, beef-on-a-bun, baked potatoes, Caesar salad and all the condiments. “We cooked it ourselves, right on sight. Started supper at 6:00 sharp and at 6:55 we were knocking tables down already. That’s what’s making us think our numbers were up, last year we fed 1850 for supper; this year we did 2350.”

The application process is online, where people can apply at any time. The group also takes donations year-round; so if you were unable to attend and want to contribute you may do so at any time. Buryn explains, “if somebody still wants to donate there are opportunities for them,” along with making a donation online, there is typically events in other communities. There’s typically an event in the fall in the Dewberry-Marwayne area and St. Michael hosts a perogy supper and donates the money to Hayin in the 30s. “Last year they donated around $17,000 to us,” there’s many ways to continue to be involved.

The money raised goes to help patients with cancer seek treatment and pay for bills not covered by the government; such as gas, hotels, travel, food, etc. The organization assist people in the Lakeland and beyond, says Buryn, “we’re province-wide and out of province too. We’re helping on an average of one [person] a day.” For more information on the organization, pictures and video of 2016’s event visit Hayin’ in the 30s on Facebook. To apply for funding or to donate, visit the organization online, hayininthe30s.com.

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