Bonnyville Legion awarded Freedom of the Town

The Bonnyville Royal Canadian Legion Branch 183 celebrated its 70th Anniversary of service in Bonnyville on April 2nd, 2016. To mark this occasion the Town has given the Legion the “Freedom of the Town”. Mayor of Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski, says it’s the highest honour “it’s a military tradition. We recognized the Legion’s 70 years in the community and their contributions. The Freedom of the Town is one of the highest honours we can bestow to the Legion, so that’s what we did.”


WHEREAS Royal Canadian Legion Branch 183, (Bonnyville) celebrated their 70th Anniversary of service to our Country, Province and Town on April 2, 2016, and;


WHEREAS the Town of Bonnyville officially recognizes the significant contributions of the Royal Canadian Legion, the aims of which are:


Care of Veterans and their families;


Keeping alive public memory of the sacrifices of Canadians in the cause of world peace and thus providing a deterrent to future conflicts;


Promotion of unity, of thought and of effort among all Canadian, leading to the development of a greater Nation;


WHEREAS the Town of Bonnyville wishes to honour the members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 183 (Bonnyville) for their 70 years of service to the community;


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT in recognition of the Town’s long and esteemed relationship with the Unit, the Council of the Town of Bonnyville does hereby bestow upon Royal Canadian Legion Branch 183 (Bonnyville)


“Freedom of the Town”


Being one of the most prized honours that a community can bestow upon a military unit.



Proclaimed this 1st day of July, 2016

Mayor Gene Sobolewski

Town of Bonnyville

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