Monday , 6 July 2020

Roadside Spraying Program Underway in MD

The Agricultural Service Board of the M.D. of Bonnyville No. 87 and/or Contractors will commence spraying roadside ditches along provincial highways and other municipal roads on or about June 1st and throughout the summer until the end of September, as required to control the spread of weeds and brush growth.
Those landowners living along a Primary or Secondary Highway who are prepared to control the weeds along their property should contact Carillion, the maintenance contractor that looks after these highways. You will be asked to sign a “Weed Control Agreement” stating that you accept responsibility for the control of weeds in the ditch along your property. If you fail to control these by mowing or spraying, the M.D. or Carillion may control them by whatever means it considers appropriate.
Landowners are reminded that the road allowances are owned by the M.D. or by the province in the case of Provincial Highways and any activity carried out within the road allowances are done at each persons’ own risk.
For more information or to sign a “Weed Control Agreement” please contact:
Matt Janz or Janice Boden at the ASB office 826–3951 or Carillion, Highways Maintenance Contractor at 812–2134.

*Information Provided by the MD of Bonnyville

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