New 4-Way Stop Intersection Hwy 36 – 55 & 881

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New four-way stop signs at the intersection of Highway 36, Highway 55 and Highway 881 south of Lac La Biche will bring drivers to a full stop.

To increase intersection safety, crews are replacing the two-way stop signs on Highway 55 and Highway 881 with four-way stop signs. When the transition to the new four-way stop is complete, all motorists, including those on Highway 36, will come to a full stop at the intersection.

Intersection of Highway 36, Highway 55 and Highway 881

  • The transition to a four-way stop will take place over three weeks.
  • The four-way stop will come into effect on April 20, weather permitting.
  • Signs and message boards are being installed along the intersection approaches informing drivers of the upcoming change.
  • These signs include:
  • “New Traffic Control” signs;
  • “Stop Ahead” signs; and
  • “4-Way Stop” signs with oversized “Stop” signs and red flashing lights.
  • Rumble strips will be installed on the northbound Highway 36 approach to further notify drivers of the new four-way stop configuration.

Additional information

  • Drivers are reminded to obey all signs and signals

*Press Release from Alberta Transportation