Wednesday , 6 July 2022

2016 Cold Lake Road Projects

Seven projects have been slated for the 2016 Capital Road Improvement Program.

“We want to ensure areas that see a lot of traffic are kept up to standard,” City of Cold Lake’s Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Nagoya said. “Our annual Capital Road Improvement Program gives us this opportunity to prioritize roadway infrastructure and stretches of road that need resurfacing.”

City Council approved an increase in the Capital Budget for the program of $250,000 from last year. The annual project now totals $1.75 million. The Road Improvement Program provides the selected sections of roadway with an overlay of new asphalt and, where needed, repairs damage to curbs and sidewalks along the same areas.

The Capital Road Improvement Program is governed under a road analytics program, which uses a software that analyzes the surface distress index of roadways and degradation curves to assist in making decisions on pavement resurfacing. This allows the City to extend the life of asphalt before the pavement requires total replacement, which is a much more expensive option.

By continuing with the Capital Road Improvement Program, we can ensure that the City carries forward with road improvements at a lower cost than reconstructing everything from scratch. – Kevin Nagoya Chief Administrative Officer City of Cold Lake


The contract was awarded to Knelsen Sand and Gravel Ltd. and will include the following areas for 2016:

  • 47 Avenue from 57 Street to 55 Street
  • 16 Street from 1 Avenue to 3 Avenue
  • 10 Street from 5 Avenue to 6 Avenue
  •  51 Avenue from 45 Street to 47 Street
  •  51 Avenue from 41 Street to 43 Street
  • 41 Street from 50 Avenue to 51 Avenue
  •  52 Avenue from 55 Street to 57 Street

* Press Release from the City of Cold Lake

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