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Lakeland Credit Union Welcomes New Directors

The Lakeland Credit Union (LCU) hosted their Annual General Meeting, Thursday, March 3rd at the Centennial Centre in Bonnyville. The event served as a review of the bank’s business year; as well as, gave members a chance to elect Board of Directors members. LCU was pleased with the involvement from their members; a record 169 members were in attendance to cast ballots in the election.

“The Lakeland Credit Union is extremely fortunate to have such an active, engaged, and diverse board,” Board Chair Tracy Cowden explained what she feels are the elements of success in the LCU Board of Directors. “These elements have resulted in some very healthy debates around the board table. The variety of our Directors, the different backgrounds, professions, and the different work sectors that they come from, have really served us well to set a stage that really has a board that represents all [the members] of the credit union.” Cowden used the stage to announce her departure from Board Chair of LCU, the departure she says is one of personal nature, her husband and she plan to relocate which renders her unable to continue her service.

That evening, five Directors were voted on the Board of Directors. In the Bonnyville region there were three vacant positions, one two-year term and two three-year terms. In the Cold Lake region there were two vacant positions, a one-year term and a two-year term. The two nominees with the highest numbers of votes in Bonnyville would receive the three-year terms, and the third highest a two-year term. In Cold Lake, the nominee with the highest number of votes would be elected to a two-year term and the second highest to a one-year term. There were six nominees in Bonnyville and three in Cold Lake.

LCU Board of Directors Voted in on March 3rd, 2016

Bonnyville Region  

  • Chantelle Vallee (new) – Three Year Term
  • Kelsey Brennan (returning) – Three Year Term
  • Lionel Champeau (new) – Two Year Term

Cold Lake Region 

  • Dean Dube (new) – Two-Year Term
  • Denis Lauren (new) – One-Year Term

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