Lakeland United Way Supports Breakfast for Learning

Notre Dame Elementary School has provided a Breakfast for Learning program to it’s students for over a decade now, and Lakeland United Way has supported this much needed program from its inception.

The school’s principal Kimberley Reashor-Kaiser said, “We are excited to be able to continue this worthwhile and favourable program in our school on a daily basis. Our main goal is to ensure that everyone has access to a healthy breakfast before school begins so that students can learn to the best of their ability in our classrooms.” This year Lakeland United Way provided $20,000 in funding to support the Breakfast for Learning program.

The school would like to extend its sincere gratitude on behalf of the students, families, and staff for the incredible support that Lakeland United Way has provided to the school this year and over the past decade.

*Press Release from Lakeland Catholic School District

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