Sunday , 25 October 2020

Glendon Grateful for MD Funding

The Village of Glendon was very happy with the announcement of the Municipal District of Bonnyville’s (MD) Inter-Municipal Coorporation Program Agreement (IMCP). The funding will see the MD of Bonnyville allocate $5 million annually for neighbouring communities. Of that $5 million, the Village of Glendon will receive up to $513, 360.52 annually. Mayor of Glendon, Laura Papriny says the fund will aid in the village’s sustainability.

The Village’s Council has yet to have an opportunity to discuss the funds, and were not aware of that an arrangement of this magnitude was in the works, reports Mayor Papriny. “Extra funding means a great deal to the Village of Glendon in our ability to maintain sustainability,” explains the Mayor. “Major infrastructure projects that have been delayed due to the high cost involved can now be budgeted for and realized. Projects can be completed sooner as not all funds have to be accessed provincially as previously done so. Funding can be allotted within our community to different organizations to help keep them sustainable as well.”

The funds, like the IMCP agreement between the MD and the Town of Bonnyville, are to be used 70 percent on Capital Funding, 40 percent roads, water and sewer and 30 percent Capital recreation. The remaining 30 percent can be used for Operation funding; including operational recreation funding. The funds can be carried over for up to two years and must be matched 50-50 from both municipalities.

There are several projects that need addressing, explains Mayor Papriny, including, “our aging water infrastructure and road maintenance.” However, since Council has not had an opportunity to discuss options for the funding there are no plans for the funds, yet.  “The Village Council has not had an opportunity to discuss future plans in detail as the funding announcement occurred after our most recent council meeting last week,” states the Mayor.

We are very excited with the announcement of the IMCP Agreement and what it means for the Village of Glendon! We are extremely thankful to the M.D. of Bonnyville for providing this opportunity for the future of the Village of Glendon – Laura Papriny Mayor of Glendon

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