No ATVs on Moose Lake Trail

The Municipal District of Bonnyville’s Public Safety Officers will be handing out $300 tickets for any All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) found riding on Moose Lake Trail. The newly paved trail is for foot or non-motorized vehicles, with the exception of wheelchairs or medical scooters.

There hasn’t been too many incidences of misusing the trail, explains Reeve for the MD, Ed Rondeau, “it’s just a matter of realizing that they shouldn’t be doing that. There is a $300 fine if they get caught.” Rondeau says most of the MD constables can be “reasonable in giving them a first warning, but if they decide mouth off they’ll get a ticket right off the bat.”

There is a rumour around town that the Reeve would like to put to rest, dogs are allowed on the trail. However, you shouldn’t leave a trail of your dog’s droppings behind. “If people take their dogs on a leash on the trail, no one’s going to care. The same courtesy applies any place else on public land, if you’re going to [bring your dog] be prepared to pick up the droppings.”

Moose Lake Trail will eventually link to Bonnyville via Jesse Lake Trail with an underpass through Highway 28.