Doug Irvine Closes the WPCA Season with a Win At Rocky Mountain House

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Doug Irvine, the Story from Lacorey, as he’s affectionately dubbed on the chuckwagon circuit closed the WPCA season with a huge win in Rocky Mountain House at The Battle of the Rockies. There’s no slowing down for Doug, who straight off his win was waiting for the B&R Eckel’s office in Bonnyville, AB to open so he could go in and see long-time sponsor (and off-season boss) Victor Ringuette. You’d think he’d want to slow down and enjoy the win before letting the boss know he was back in town, but as a wagon driver slowing down isn’t in Doug’s repertoire.

Doug says the fans helped cheer him to victory at Rocky Mountain House, “we had a great cheering section, a lot of fans made the trip.” Of those fans, Doug’s parents, Morris and Fay, surprised him at the track, “I didn’t even know they were there until after I raced.”

Irvine’s parents live in the Lindbergh area, on the family farm that Doug was raised on. Doug, the youngest of seven children, went to school in Elk Point and now lives outside of Iron River, where he and his wife, Jimmi Lou raise their three children, Britton, Dacia and Maddi Jo. During the off-season he drives truck for B&R, as well as, farms his own land, raises horses, and helps B&R’s president and owner, Victor Ringuette with his farming.

Doug has had success in Rocky Mountain House in the past, placing second last year, which was his best finish for the 2014 season that also saw him have seven top-ten finishes. Doug claims the four barrel has held a lot of luck in the 2015 season, “the outfit really flies off that barrel, I don’t know what it is. Every big run I’ve had this year, has been off the four.” On the WPCA circuit, each day leading into a race the drivers draw barrels, this way it will be even for all throughout the races. When the Doug pulled the four barrel he knew he had it, “we felt confident going in.”

Winning The Battle of the Rockies scores Doug a commemorative belt buckle and a $5000 purse. Money he’ll use to purchase a few new horses, says the driver “we’re going to an auction in West Virginia.” The driver will take the whole family on the trip at the beginning of September, with his eye on a few horses, “I’ve got some trainers down there.” Doug explains he’s already purchased two horses off the trainers’ advice, as for the rest, “we’ll try to finish off the load when we get there.”

Buying horses and keeping up with the training is crucial to staying high in the standing for next season, explains Doug, “we’ll buy some new ones, that are fast hopefully, and then we build on what we got.” As for the upcoming season, Doug says he likes to make goals, but good luck getting them out of the driver, “I set goals, but I like to keep those to myself.”

The driver contributes his great season, which landed him in 11th position for the season-end, to all the support he receives. “Thanks to the fan-base in Bonnyville for all the support I get out here, it’s great to be from here.”