Olivia Rose Wins Starlight Music Chronicles

Elk Point raised Olivia Rose knows that social media is the new way to make an artist and she’s proving it with countless social media contests and campaigns that are helping her launch her career as a singer/songwriter.

Olivia Rose is no stranger to competition, she’s been competing in talent shows and singer competitions since she was a young girl, now at 16 years old she launched a full-on social media takeover. Although, the fan-based social media competition tend to make the young scarlet nervous, Olivia Rose knows it’s all part of promoting herself, “it’s a lot of work to get all those votes, but it’s worth it.”

Olivia Rose won The Starlight Music Chronicles competition on Monday, July 27th, 2015. She will be featured on the music information and news website as The August Artist of The Month. The article and feature will be another stepping stone that Olivia Rose will use to advance her career.

Olivia Rose knows social media is how new artist get recognized, “I’m very present on social media.” It’s not just an online world for the young artist, Olivia Rose knows she has to get her face known to the industry insiders, she says, “I’m talking to people and meeting face-to-face to ask questions.”

At 14 years old, Olivia Rose decided to take a chance and apply to The Victoria School of Arts in Edmonton. It’s a prestigious school that is known for helping harness and develop young artists. “I applied and I did the audition and we (my family) decided before the audition if I got in we’d move,” Olivia Rose says her family has always supported her, “I got in – and we moved!”

The decision to move from Elk Point to Edmonton was about taking her career to the next level, “I just thought we’d have a lot more opportunities and I want to pursue music in University,” Olivia explains the decision to go from small town to city living.

Her mother, Gayle,  played a big part in making the transition easier. “Not many parents would do that,” Olivia Rose gushes about her mom. Gail is the heart of her daughters career, she also knows the power of social media and uses it often on grass-roots campaigns to gain an audience, secure new contests and shows and really market Olivia Rose.

Olivia Rose is working on booking more shows around Alberta, she’ll be heading out on a Southern Alberta radio tour this summer. She’s also playing her first ever rock show, “I’m playing a rock festival in Hawrelak Park in Edmonton, it’s my first ever rock show, so it’s very exciting!” “I’m going to bring a little country to the rock show,” Olivia Rose says with twang in her voice. The festival is taking place in the park on August 14th, 2015. Olivia Rose is also playing at Alberta Beach during August Long Weekend.

After being in The City (as us small town folk call it) for a year , Olivia Rose is still a small town girl who remains grounded. “I surround myself with good people,” says Olivia Rose, “and I just do what I love, which is music.”

Olivia Rose’s first single “Makeup to Mud” was co-written by The Doll Sisters, an Americana Group from Rocky Mountain House. Olivia Rose says she also writes her own material, “if I see something that inspires me or that sparks a memory I write it down and come back to it when I’m in the songwriting mood.”

An inspiration to a lot of people, Olivia Rose says that’s all she really wants out of her career, “that what I want to inspire people.” Olivia Rose proves that when you’re from The Lakeland, anything is possible.

You can find Olivia Rose on Facebook at facebook.com/oliviarosemusic, on Twitter @oliviarosemusic, Instrgram @oliviarose_music or online oliviarosemusic.ca. Makeup to Mud is available on iTunes.

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