Connect Care Launches at Bonnyville Health Centre

On November 5, the Bonnyville Health Centre, along with several other healthcare facilities in  the north zone, will be launching Connect Care, which is a new patient information system.  

During this time, the North Zone launch sites will remain open. Patients may experience  temporary longer-than-normal wait times for a few days before, during and after launch. This  temporary adjustment is to ensure our healthcare staff can continue safely managing patient  flow and provide appropriate care to our patients while adjusting to Connect Care. 

We want to assure you this is only a temporary measure, and we anticipate resuming normal  operations as soon as possible. The safely of our patients, residents and staff is at the heart of  every decision we make. It is important to ensure our staff and physicians are able to continue  providing safe and appropriate care to patients and residents during the launch period.  

Connect Care will ensure high-quality care is delivered in the same way no matter where you  are in Alberta. It will give a patient or residents’ healthcare team a more complete picture of  their health history, access to consistent information on best practices, resources at their  fingertips and will be able to communicate with patients, residents and each other more easily.  

Patients and residents and launch sites may notice a few differences, such as seeing their providers using more computers and handheld devices instead of paper charts to keep track of  their care. We ask for your patience as our teams’ transition to this new way of working which  will provide better care for you.  

Albertans who have visited a site where Connect Care is in place can sign up to  MyAHSConnect, an online patient portal where people can see their health information, test  results and medications, as well as manage appointments and communicate securely with their  healthcare team.  

Please visit to learn more.

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