Friday , 9 June 2023

Jr. B Lakeland Heat split home set of games

The Lakeland Heat Lacrosse team had their first home games over the weekend and in the North Division — no team is going out without a fight. 

Last Saturday, the Sylvan Lake Yettis came to town and gave the Heat the first loss of the season in a 10-9 overtime loss. 

The Heat did put up the fight and scored to tie it with one second left in the final frame, but it wasn’t enough to bring it home.  

“Losing in overtime is never good, but the boys played a good game and learnt a lot and saw things we need to adjust on defense and bring to the following games,” said Head Coach, Daryl Hodinsky. 

“They played us well and gave us a run for our money.” 

Then on Sunday, they came to play facing the Crude coming out successfully in a 11-9 victory to begin a new win streak. 

Scoring wise, the team is strong as a whole with never one, but all players playing huge factors. 

Down by as many as four goals in the 2nd period, the Heat rallied to within one before the intermission. The chippiness level boiled over in the middle frame with multiple scraps.

“We made some adjustments on our offense after being down in the second and came to claw back and we did take the lead and held it,” said Hodinsky. 

“Any given team on any night, my guys need to show up to play or we are going to be looking at the wrong side of the scoreboard.” 

They will play another weekend at home in the Cold Lake Energy Centre on May 12 and 13 taking on the Lloyd Xtreme at 8:30 p.m., who won silver in Provincials last year and then following the Parkland Posse at 8:00 p.m. to close the weekend. 

“I’m sure Lloyd will be a force to be reckoned with and we wanna give them a run for their money,” said Hodinsky. 

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