Wednesday , 30 November 2022

New Myrnam School teacher recognized with the Prime Minister’s Award in Teaching Excellence in STEM

New Myrnam School teacher, Robert Tymofichuk is being recognized on a national level for receiving the Prime Minister’s Award in Teaching Excellence in STEM. This national-level award is considered the highest honour for teachers in Canada.


The Government of Canada’s website it highlights the 2022 recipients of the awards. The biography of Tymofichuk reads, “Robert is not only a teacher. He is a pillar of the community. His work has the quality of uniting people around learning initiatives. His own inspiring personality instills confidence and motivation to people who are waiting to contribute but also often need direction and a sense of purpose. He is a unique role model for his students as well as for all members of his community.”


New Myrnam School is under the St. Paul Education Regional Division (SPERD) and is described as a “small rural school with rich traditions and character.” The K-12 school is home to students from Myrnam and the surrounding areas. The school has been recognized several times for its approach to Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) courses. According to its website, the New Myrnam School,I offers a wide range of activities and option courses that include food studies, construction, art, drama, computer coding and programming, robotics, 3D printing and design, and others. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Robert’s approach includes a personal mission – preserving the environment. This is one of the backdrops to his teaching. He translates his objectives into real initiatives like the school’s Renewable Energy Program, with projects like the construction of a sustainable greenhouse where students programed their computers to monitor temperature inside the greenhouse, explored the science of heat before installing insulation, designed a rainwater irrigation system, as well as a venting system that automatically engages when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. Robert successfully integrates technology with learning.
Robert is not only a teacher. He is among the most dynamic members of the community. Among his many incredible achievements, he is the driving force behind the Construction and Technology Education Center in Myrnam. The Center provides students with access to the tools and technology to develop their skills and make their projects a reality. – Biography of Robert Tymofichuk  Government of Canada


Robert has been teaching at New Myrnam School since 2018. He teaches Science 9, Grades 5/6 CTF, Grades 7-9 CTF, Grade 10-12 CTF, Math 20-2 & Math 30-3. Under his guidance, students designed a solar tracking array system, a wind turbine and a biofuel reactor which connected to a generator in order to investigate which form of renewable energy would be recommended by the students to the village counsel for the new Career Education Centre.


Robert will be attending a gala in Ottawa next week to celebrate his achievement, share best practices with fellow participants, and attend special tours and activities.


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