Thursday , 18 August 2022
Town of Bonnyville Council art Swearing in Ceremony on October 26th, 2021. Photo Credit: Robynne Henry (Town of Bonnyville)

COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS – Town of Bonnyville for April 12th, 2022

Town of Bonnyville

Council Highlights

Regular Council Meeting April 12, 2022



Council passed a motion to approve the 2022 Operational and Capital Budgets. The Operational Budget has anticipated revenues of $22,441,766 and expenses are anticipated at $22,696,875, which resulted in a deficit of $255,109. A $255,109 transfer from General Operating Reserve has been included to balance the Operational Budget. The Operational Budget includes a two per cent tax increase, along with a 1.88 per cent increase in the School Tax Requisition and the Seniors Requisition. The Capital Budget came in at $25.50-million, which is balanced. This includes $9.63-million in grant funding, $7.28-million in transfer from reserve, $4.23-million in debenture funding, and $3.24-million for ID 349 funding.


The Town will be collaborating with the MD of Bonnyville on a joint letter to the Minister of Transportation Rajan Sawhney addressing the concerns surrounding the level of service and maintenance to Hwy. 28. Council hopes to see more municipalities along Hwy. 28 joining on as the stretch of highway is a concern to many.


There were a few requests for funding that Council approved during the meeting. Council passed a motion to be an Elite $15,000 Sponsor for the Bonnyville Agriculture Society and their upcoming events. A motion was also passed to support the Kehewin Cree Nation’s Cultural Powwow yearly in the amount of $1,000. Although members of Council won’t be attending the Lac La Biche County’s Healthier Community Golf Tournament, a motion was passed to sponsor up to $750.

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