Wednesday , 5 October 2022
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Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney says, “Time to let kids be kids”

The Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney says it’s “Time to let kids be kids” and has announced the government is working to lift COVID-19 restrictions in Alberta schools and the province.

On February 4, moments ago, Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney posted a video on Twitter saying, “We are publishing and presenting a safe plan to lift public health measures in Alberta to do so safely.”

“To do so, gradually, starting with the elimination of the restriction exemption program,” Kenney said. “I would also like to see measures affecting children lifted as soon as possible because I think there’s a basic unfairness, injustice in many of these measures having had a disproportionate impact on kids.”

The Premier admitted in the video that the current COVID-19 restrictions are affecting youth’s mental health.

“As we now know other mental health for a disease that poses a much lower level of risk to the health of children,” Premier Kenney said. “So the issue here on public health measures has always been about protecting our hospitals and overwhelmingly the people who are prone to be hospitalized are unvaccinated people who are much older in the age spectrum. It’s always been, of course, somebody who is 80 or over apparently is 1000 times more likely to die than a teen than a child or an adolescent. So when it comes to children, I think there’s a very powerful case for us to prioritize lifting damaging public health restrictions that are affecting children. As a priority and our plan to move forward.”

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