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U11 Elk Point Avalanche

SPORTSHOUND: Hockey Day in Elk Point and beyond!

Tales from the Timebox: February 1st, 2022


U13 Avalanche

U13 Avalanche

The U13 team is sitting on top of the Tier # 3 league right now. They have played fifteen games so far. The have only lost one game all season and tied two games. It’s great to be the king of the castle, on top of the league. But that is also when other teams want to knock you down and come out gunning for you. And it’s not like they are a whole bunch better than some of the closer teams. They have to work for their wins. A good majority of their wins have been only by one goal. Usually in the last minute or two of the game. A good example was on Saturday when they played another barn burner here at the A.G. Ross arena against Mallaig winning 6 to 5 with only 37 seconds left on the clock. Sniper Remington ‘Steel’ Reynolds hitting the target with the winner. Remington Steel also with an assist earlier in the game. The sneaky forward ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan has a way of being in the right place at the right time going unnoticed at times. Trace had a great game showing off to his grandparents scoring a hat trick. Without a Trace also added an assist on the winning goal. Tristan ‘Bobcat’ Brousseau bobtailing down the wing buried one into the mesh. Brendan ‘Buzz Saw’ Kadutski cutting a path to the net with a goal. ‘Wild Wyatt’ Fontaine with three assists. Liam ‘Sledgehammer’ Swedgen putting the hammer down setting up two goals. The two big D Men Kale ‘the Hawk’ Ockerman and Jaxon ‘Smitty’ Smith swooping in with one helper each. Owen ‘Ollie the Goalie’ Grykuliak was a busy man but stayed cool as a cucumber giving his teammates the confidence they needed to step on the gas in the last minute, going for the win. Otherwise they would be playing too conservative, sitting back and settling for the tie.

On Sunday the U13 hosted Cold Lake winning this one 6 to 0. Ollie the Goalie getting the shut out. Ollie wasn’t nearly as busy as his opponent at the other end of the ice, but still had to deal with a few scrambles in front of the cage. Wild Wyatt with a hat trick and an assist. Without a Trace with a goal and two assists. Buzz Saw and the Hawk both scoring one goal each. Two assists and two trips to the sin bin for the Sledgehammer. Three assists and a trip over to the sin bin for Jackson J.R. Rawlake. Hard-nosed ‘Boe Dog’ St. George also with an assist and a trip over to visit with me at the time box. Bobcat on a break- away very late in the game had two big guys breathing down his neck and was rushed on his shot, he couldn’t get a real good one away, otherwise the Avalanche may have scored one more.

U7 Avalanche

U7 Avalanche

Early to bed and early to rise. The U7 played Two Hills here at home at 8:30  Saturday morning. Two Hills who had to get up even earlier were short some of their regular U7 players, so they dressed a couple of their U9s who had made the trip at the same time for a game later that morning, also in Elk Point. This didn’t seem to bother the Brousseau Brothers at all though. Cohen ‘Big Horn’ and Gavin ‘the Badger’ teamed up scoring a number of goals each. And each time one scored, the other brother assisted on it. Then they would then do a huge celebration together to the delight of their grandparents I’m sure! Aiden ‘Sweet Pea’ Barstad and Kenzie ‘Cookie’ Leathem were both fantastic when it was their turn in net coming up with monster saves. On defense Jaxtyn ‘Jackhammer’ Krankowski, Lynden ‘Lucky’ Oracheski and Bayne ‘What’s Up’ Widdop stopping the attackers in their tracks. ‘Awesome Lawson’ Moneta with two break-a-ways getting shots on net but the puck just missed slipping through.


U11 Avalanche

The U11 team played right after the U9s also against Two Hills. Grayson ‘Big Bang’ Koppang with the most goals for the Avalanche, Tor’ the Tornado’ Aarbo and Stetson ‘Shack’ Reynolds were right behind him in scoring. Charlie ‘Chickadee’ Davis and Aspen ‘’Machine Gun Kelly’ were very relentless on the fore check. Commander Thomas Morris, ‘Benny Boy’ Saddleback and ‘Jumbo Jay’ Large were very strong on defense. General Lee Barstad was awesome in net again this weekend.

The U11 team was in St Paul all weekend playing in a tournament there coming home with second place in the B final.


U15 Avalanche

The U15 team travelled to Glendon on Sunday afternoon picking up another two points in a 7 to 4 win and are now sitting tied for first place in the league with Provost. There’s no room for error though, two other teams are on their tail within a point or two of first place. Madden ‘ Mad Dog ‘ Flamand who is presently sitting forth in points in the tier # 3 league has been on a real tear lately. In this game he added another five points to his total. Mad Dog scored two goals and added three assists. Gavin ‘Green Light’ Kadutski who has a great set of wheels and plays all out all the time scoring a hat trick. Tray ‘Scobby Doo’ Thomas – Calliou with a goal and two assists. ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine with a goal. Brendan ‘Blue Line’ Haesch and Clayton ‘Cha Ching’ Toews each with an assist.


Out of Town Action

In out of town action. Former Avalanche female player, who now skates with the U 15 Lakeland Jaguars, Ella ‘Stellar’ Ballas scored hat trick in Bonnyville on Friday night helping her team defeat the visiting team from Fort Mc Murray.


And our granddaughter from Bonnyville, Vienna ‘Bug’ Colbourne played three games in her home town U 9 – twelve team tournament on Saturday. The later that evening, she skated with the Jr. A Pontiac’s as the honourary captain. Bug was introduced and on the ice for the singing of the national anthem.

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