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COLD LAKE MUSIC FESTIVAL being held March 11-12

The 35th Annual Music Festival will be held in ​March 2022. This year, we will offer solo and duet classes in Vocal, Piano, Speech, Instrumental. Vocal and Speech require a minimum number of entries in order to engage an adjudicator.

Participants will perform live at the Lutheran Church, evening of Friday March 11 and during the day Saturday March 12, and be recorded by a professional videographer.

The Festival is open to amateur performers. An adjudicator for each discipline will provide a video-recorded verbal adjudication for each class, and a written adjudication for each participant. Classes are held in a non-competitive atmosphere, but there is opportunity to receive awards and be recommended to the provincial level. There are classes for all styles of music and speech arts. Participants can be of any age, and enter on their own, or through a teacher.

How Do I Enter the Festival?

You need an entry form and a syllabus. Entry forms can be found on their website at, www.coldlakemusicfestival.ca. Entry fees are on the form. ​

The entry form deadline is February 10, 2022. Entries will not be accepted without payment and late entries will not be accepted. ​

The syllabus for the event can be found at www.albertamusicfestival.org This is where you will find the class name and number you need for the entry form Organizers say be sure to read up on the rules of the festival and print off any pages that pertain to your discipline.

What Disciplines Are Offered this Year?

  • Solo Instrumental
  • Solo Speech
  • Solo Piano
  • Solo Vocal
  • Duets
  • Fiddle
  • Solo Piano-Choose Plan I or Plan II for all entries of a single participant.
  • Solo Vocal- ​a list of Musical Theatre music has been placed on the Alberta Music Festival website with the proper designates for Ballad, Up Tempo, or some which could be either. Teachers should check this out so they are entering the correct class for their students. This list is not complete, so any appropriate songs not listed will still be accepted.
  • Duets-Choose the graded duet class (for non-family duets) in your instrument or 27005 Family
  • Music (immediate family).
  • Fiddle- Choose class FIDDLE Beginner or Intermediate level.

**IMPORTANT** Entry Guidelines

Entry forms are available on their website. Entries MUST include a physical copy/scan of the performance piece. They are not accepting scans of music through the internet so copies must be dropped off with your entry form. Your email on the form is IMPORTANT.

This year, they are accepting entries ONLY in person to be delivered to the address of Linda Hayward, 4714-58​ Street in Cold Lake. Teachers are asked to collect forms, music and payments from their students and do one e-transfer or cheque. Entry fees will not be refunded.
We will NOT accept late entries.

Festival Class Video Recording

Videos of participants will be professionally done in a festival class, evening of Friday March 11 and during the day on Saturday March 12. Please ensure that you are available to attend on these days. Changes in schedule cannot be accommodated. Participants and one parent only will be allowed to watch the class. Anyone with any symptoms of illness cannot attend. If you are ill, please contact us.
Students will do an introduction with their name and selection. Concert attire.​

What will happen after you’ve entered?

Teachers will receive notice of the exact date and time of festival class to record video. Participants may bring one parent. No one except festival staff, the participant and one parent will be admitted.

All provincial health orders will be followed, so you will likely be required to be masked, except while performing.

Submissions will be sent by the festival committee to Adjudicators. Entrants will be able to view their link to the class performances and adjudication and receive their written adjudication/certificate through their teachers.

Organizers will be awarding some of our scholarships and medals. Any recommendations to the provincial festival will be accepted and entries are via video.

How to Pay Entry Fees

1. ​By cheque​ payable to the Cold Lake Music Festival. Your cheque must accompany your entry form and arrive by hand or mail on or before February 10, 2022.
2. ​Email transfer​ to ​[email protected]​.

Please note e-transfer confirmation # on entry form. Entry forms will not be accepted without payment.


For more Information about the Festival or to answer any questions you may have, please contact one of our Executive Members: Linda Hayward, President – 780-594-2528 Lisa Long, Treasurer – 780-639-3263

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