Wednesday , 5 October 2022
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Local artist in St. Paul proposes “Be the light” sculpture for Main Street

St. Paul Champions for Change received a letter from local artist, Eric Spoeth, for a proposed sculpture “Be the light” with an intended location being in the area of 50 Avenue (Main Street) and 48 Street in the Town of St. Paul which was presented at the Jan 10 Council meeting.

This proposed design, ‘Be the light” incorporates three or four timbers which would be inlaid with leaded stained glass. The glass, varying from deep blues and violets to yellows, reds, and greens would project those colours onto the sidewalk and the face of the building throughout the day.

Spoeth says the timber, which is impermanent yet sturdy, represents the foundations of our communities and families (culture, faith), and the various shapes and shades of the glass represent the growing cultural and religious diversity of our community.

As the Sun passes through them (which is the source illuminating their nature), they leave their reflections onto the surfaces around them, Spoeth added.

Maureen Miller is the Mayor of the Town of St. Paul.

“Be the light is an art installation proposed by Champions for Change for Main Street,” Mayor Miller told Lakeland Connect. “It is a substantial piece of art and for that reason, a motion was sent back to the administration to investigate infrastructure and Alberta Transportation clearance. It Would definitely be a beautiful addition to the community.”

The outline presented to Council included a preliminary rough sketch and budget estimate.

“All findings is being provided for by Champions for Change. Request for town approval was just for location, and as it was presented to be installed on the Main Street sidewalk,” Mayor Miller said. “We need to do our due diligence with possible infrastructure interference as well as with Alberta Transportation as they are always involved due to numbered highway.”

The total cost for the project would be roughly $23,000 for the four pillars.

“This design doesn’t necessarily represent the final design, but gives you a general idea,” St. Paul Champions for Change stated.

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