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U13 Avalanche vs Lac La Biche

SPORTSHOUND: Oh, what fun it is.

Tales from the Timebox: December 21st, 2021


U9 Avalanche

‘Twas the week before Christmas and the U9 team was up early and off to St Paul. Still a bit too soon to see what Santa left under the tree. But not too soon to play in a mini round robin. They played three 20 -minute four on four half ice period games.

Commander Thomas Morris taking charge of the goaltending duties strapping on the big pads. He was behind the mask in the net. His assignment as the goalie for all three games was to stop the puck from crossing the red line.  And he did a fantastic job. Big man Grayson ‘Big Bang’ Koppang banging home two goals in the first game.  One goal each for ‘Jumbo Jay’ Large and Jase ‘the Jackal’ Malo.

In the second game the slippery Jackal all alone in this one finding the twine with one. In their third game the Jackal and Benjamin ‘Benny Boy’ Saddleback with one goal each.  What a  great way to end the midway point of the season before the Christmas break.


U11 Avalanche

How about this. The U11 Machine of the Game team sweater award this weekend going out to a farm hand,  Tor ‘the Tornado’ Aarbo. The Tornado was called up on Sunday from the U 9 farm team to help out the U11 team who were short a few players to fill their roster. The Tornado played his heart out, was never out of the position and didn’t look out of place at all.

The U11 didn’t fare out too well in this one although.  Playing down in Provost against one of the top teams in the league on Sunday losing  12 to 4.  High Flying Ava ‘the Red Baron’ Rawlake swooping down scoring  her first goal of the year. Snoopy better watch out for this girl at Christmas time. Her machine gun is raring to go. William ‘Billy Bob’ Ballas firing in two back to back goals. Jaxon ‘Magic’ Marcoux adding the last one.  Liam ‘Dobbie’ Dumont with an assist.


U13 Avalanche

Head coach Jeff Morgan U13 team delivered an early Christmas gift to him this past weekend, winning both of their games on Saturday and Sunday and putting their team right on top of the tier 3 division tied with the Vermilion Tigers for first place.

On Saturday the team travelled to Mallaig winning 6 to 3. Two goals and an assist for Wild Wyatt Fontaine. One goal and a helper for Liam ‘Sledgehammer’ Swedgen. ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan, Jaxon ‘Smitty’ Smith and the birthday boy Brendan ‘Buzzsaw’ Kadutski all with one goal each.

On Sunday the team travelled further north to Lac La Biche winning over the Clippers by the same 6 to 3 score. Wild Wyatt with two goals and two assists. Without a Trace slipping past the defense and buried two goals. Buzzsaw with a goal and an assist. Sledgehammer with a goal. A couple of apples for Smitty. Kale ‘the Hawk’ Ockerman with a helper as well. Goalie Owen ‘Ollie the Goalie’ Grykuliak was terrific all weekend keeping the boys in the game coming up with huge highlight reel saves.


U15 Avalanche

The U15 Avalanche team have also been playing awesome hockey as of late and are right up there on top of the league standings. This past Sunday they played at home and buried the visiting Glendon Comets six feet under, winning 13 to 3. Best of all, these guys know how to play as a team!  Every skater on the team had at least one point. Sniffing around the net, Evett ‘Snoop Dog’ Smereka with two goals. Tall lanky D man, ‘Cyclone Cole’ Pierce with a goal and an assist. His partner rugged Brendon ‘Blueline’ Haesch with a goal and an assist. Speedy centerman Clayton ‘Cha Ching’ Toews ringing the bell with two goals and two assists. Tray ‘Scooby Doo’ Thomas-Calliou with a goal and two assists. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Quinney-Dumont with a goal and an assist. ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine with two goals. Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand with a goal and four assists. His brother the team captain Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand with three assists. ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford also with two helpers. Gavin ‘Green Light’ Kadutski and Kaysen ‘Dynamite’ DeMossiac each with an apple.  And let’s not forget about the goaltender Alex ‘Plywood’ Patterson. He didn’t get any points but has played rock solid all season long.


U18 Avalanche

The U 18 team played really well on Friday night against the always tough visiting team from Dewberry/ Marwayne, losing this one by a close 3 to 1 score. The boys battled hard, shots were even, but they couldn’t buy more than one goal in this contest. Team captain Wyatt ‘Wild Thing’ Pavoll with the only goal  for the Avalanche assisted by Ceajay ‘Quickdraw’ Quinney and Owen ‘Fonzie’ Fontaine.  Goaltender Trent ‘Champion’ Chartrand was solid between the pipes.

On Sunday they defeated the Cold Lake Ice here at home 8 to 5. Four of the Avalanche goals were scored on the power play. Sam ‘Spiderman’ Rogal and ‘Kamikaze Kid’ Kade Fontaine with two goals each. Newly signed player Timmy John with a goal and four assists. Jordy ‘Foxy’ Feland, Logan ‘Leo’ Lemay, and Seth ‘Motorman’ Morton adding singles. ‘Mick Jager’ Fontaine with three assists, Wild Thing and Saint Nic Penner all on the board with an assist. Goalie ‘Super Mario’ Vanden Moroziuk played a super game coming up huge when called upon.

Me (left) and my brother Dan (right) with Hunter (middle) at the Leafs vs Oilers game on December 13th, 2021 at Rogers Place, Edmonton.

That’s all for now. Minor hockey will be taking a break now for the holidays and won’t be fired up until the New Year. There’s less than a week to Christmas, so you better be nice because Santa is watching you!! P.S, Santa. How about that Stanley Cup for the Leaf’s that you promised me for last year. And the year before.  I’ve been a good boy !!!

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