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U7 Elk Point Avalanche

SPORTSHOUND: Steal my Sunshine

Tales from the Timebox: December 7th, 2021


U13 Avalanche

A very wise person, Grantland Rice once said, “For when the One Great Scorer comes, to write against your name. He marks, not that you won or lost. But how you played the game.” Our U 13 were out of town in Calmar at a tournament all weekend. They didn’t win any of their games. Losing is a tough pill to swallow. But as long as you are learning teamwork and skills better days will come. The Avalanche played hard like a team every game and didn’t quit until the final horn. And they had fun doing it.


U18 Avalanche

It was tough weekend for our U18 team as well. Some of their players were out of action with injuries and some others suspended. They travelled south on Friday night to Provost, then back north west to Wainwright on Saturday for a game at noon. Sounds like we are making excuses here for them. But the truth is, U18 hockey is very physical and rough. It usually takes a full bench of three full lines or more to battle. The Avalanche had a short bench for both games and not much time between them to recover. On Friday night losing to Provost 7 to 2. ‘Mick Jagger’ and ‘Kamikaze’ Kade Fontaine each with a goal. Vanden ‘Super Mario’ Moroziuk in net for the Avalanche was bombarded with shots. On Saturday against the Bisons the outcome was not any better. The Avalanche losing 6 to 1. Logan ‘the Leo’ Lemay with the only goal, assisted by ‘Saint’ Nic Penner and Mick Jagger Fontaine. Trent ‘the Champion’ Chartrand in net for the Avalanche getting hammered with the rubber.


U7 Avalanche

Most young kids would sleep in on a Saturday morning after a big night on the town watching the annual Christmas Parade the night before. But not these little gaffers. On this past frosty minus 20 Saturday morning the U 7 team was up and raring to go on the ice by 8.30 am to take on the St. Paul Canadiens. The teams going head to head in a very close game. Landon ‘Lights Out’ St. Arnault lighting the lamp with four goals. Cohen ‘Big Horn’ Brousseau butting his way to the net ramming in two goals. Making his major league debut, 4 year old Jaxtyn ‘Little Lynden’ Krankowski came very close to scoring and made some outstanding saves in net. Another youngster in this first year of hockey ‘Awesome Lawson’ Moneta was doing some terrific forechecking.

Jaxtyn Krankowski at his first game


U9 Avalanche

The U 9 team was able to sleep in a wee bit longer, their game starting at 10 bells right after the U7’s. They hosted Cold Lake in another close four on four half ice game. Tor ‘the Tornado’ Aarbo tearing it up on the ice with 5 or 6 goals. Jase ‘the Jackal’ Malo was between the pipes in this one doing a great job of not letting anything get past him stopping the rubber.

U11 Avalanche

The U 11 team did a good job of shutting down the # 16 scoring ace off the Edgerton team this past Saturday. Twice before they have played this team and he has scored close to a dozen goals each time. The coaching staff knowing this gave the assignment to William ‘Billy Bob’ Ballas to shadow him for the entire game. The strategy did work because he only scored two goals. The only problem was the Avalanche did lose some of their own offence doing it this way. But Billy Bob did manage to slip in the only goal of the game for the Avalanche. His usual side kick Theo ‘Long Horn’ Loughran- Quinney, another one of teams most offensive players was in the cage this past weekend. Long Horn facing 54 shots on goal held them off the score sheet to only 6 goals. On Sunday morning they hosted Bonnyville winning a very exciting game 6 to 5. The game was tied until the final three minutes, when the ‘Red Baron’ Ava Rawlake fired up her turbo prop, swooping down the wing firing her gun hitting the target to score the winning goal and take down the Pontiac’s . Great job by Billy Bob, he addled up his horse and scored a hat trick. Hudson ‘ the Bull’ Brousseau breaking out of the bull pen and scored two. Big blueliner Jaxon ‘Magic‘ Marcoux with his magic stick setting up two goals including the winner.


U15 Avalanche

This is what I call great team work. The U 15 hosted the Irma Aces on Sunday afternoon and doubled them 6 to 3 the final score. Nine different names on the scoresheet with points. Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand with a goal and two assists. Timmy ‘ the Tank’ Cardinal with a goal and one assist. Clayton’ Cha Ching’ Toews ringing the till with one and adding an assist. ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford the sniper with one goal and two assists Rookie Evett’ Snoop Dog’ Smereka sniffing around the net buried a bone. Gavin ‘Green Light’ Kadutski also finding the twine with one goal. Quinton ‘ Rampage’ Quinney- Dumont , team captain Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand and ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine each with an apple.

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