Monday , 29 November 2021

Bonnyville & District Chamber of Commerce says, “Shop local this holiday season at the Chamber Market”

Get ready Lakeland to shop local for Christmas with a new user-friendly shopping experience.

It’s like Amazon, the only difference is the products are all locally made. It’s called the Chamber Market and it’s waiting for you.

Chamber Market is an initiative of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce in collaboration with local chambers of commerce province-wide. This is your one-stop shop for buying local—easy and convenient which brings together all your favourite Alberta makers in one place. You can even shop by your community, meaning you can purchase products made right here in the Lakeland.

Serina Parsons is the Executive Director Bonnyville & District Chamber of Commerce.

“The Chamber Market right now is launched, and we’re working to get businesses uploaded,” Parsons told Lakeland Connect. “We should have our first 20 businesses uploaded before Christmas.”

Although there are only around 20 local Lakeland businesses listed as of now Parsons says they are trying to get more businesses on board. The market has huge potential to increase your business’s bottom line, and it’s free.

“We as the Bonnyville Chamber of Commerce are promoting the market and we are covering all the costs because we did receive a federal shop local grant that has allowed us to launch this,” Parsons said. “Plus this is province-wide, so your products won’t just be seen in the Lakeland Region.”

Parsons says people can go in and click Bonnyville, search and see Bonnyville products. But if you want bath bombs, you can search bath bombs and yours will come up for the entire province.

“You know, we want people to shop local first,” Parsons said. “I always say look local first before you go into Amazon and click add to cart. Ask yourself, do we have it locally? Do we have it in Alberta? The Chamber Market is an online platform so you can order from several different businesses in one transaction.”

Parsons says it’s a great one-stop-shop for Christmas and for any business who has not signed up to list their products should think about doing so.

“We know online shopping is a huge thing. If you’re not online, you’re really missing the boat,” Parsons told Lakeland Connect. “Businesses have had to pivot so much over the last two years. And we understand that it’s hard enough to maintain your daily operations, let alone trying to add something new, which is why our chamber is taking that on for you.”

The Bonnyville & District Chamber of Commerce will even take your product photos.

“We have people taking product photos for you,” Parsons said. ” We will also provide a training session on how to take an effective product photo so that you can continue to upload products, but we are going to get you started.”

The marketing and visibility that business owners will get are going to be second to none, Parsons added.

“We need people to hop on this bandwagon and to get involved,” Parsons said. “The Chamber Market will allow local businesses to sell their products online without the worry of another pandemic shutdown. You might have to close your bricks and mortar store but you know, you’re still available for online shopping.”

For more information or to start shopping visit ChamberMarket.ca

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