Thursday , 2 December 2021

St. Paul Community Garden society sends thanks to the town

The St Paul Community Garden Society sent a letter of appreciation to the Town of St. Paul recently to say thank you.

On Monday, November 22, a letter was presented in Council which was written to CAO Steven Jeffery from David Robinson who is Chair of the St Paul Community Garden Society.

Robinson expressed thanks to Public Works for supplying water in a hot and dry summer that allowed them to have a very productive garden season.

“Special thanks to the Water Truck Operators,” Robinson wrote in the letter. “For the Town’s ongoing contribution in-kind of rent-free use of the garden space and maintenance of this space.”

Robinson says this in-kind contribution valued at $4,616/year from the Town helped them to receive a three-year Grant from Agriculture Canada`s Local Food Infrastructure Fund to increase Food Security in St Paul.

The grant will help with an increase in Food Security and production Robinson says.

“In an effort to increase produce production we have constructed a Greenhouse and a Greenhouse/Compost Shelter,” Robinson said. “The Greenhouse will allow early germination of seedlings to compensate for relatively short growing seasons, therefore, increasing produce production.”

The Greenhouse/Compost Shelter will allow the society to produce increased amounts of Compost as a soil amendment.

“This type of soil amendment has been used by our gardeners rather than chemical fertilizers since 2013 to increase produce production,” Robinson said. “With the support of the Town, we hope to continue to provide as many residents of the Town as possible with the opportunity to engage in gardening and the harvesting of products that increase their food security. We also hope to provide benefits to the Town such as a well maintained green space and a site where a sense of Community develops as people from different cultures engage in a common activity.”

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