Monday , 29 November 2021

Decommissioned Canadian Army Tanks being used for target practice at 4 Wing Cold Lake

If you notice unusual cargo being transported to Cold Lake don’t be alarmed. Approximately 45 decommissioned Canadian Army Leopard I Tanks are being transported from Vegreville to the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range over the next several months for target practice.

The project allows 4 Wing to repurpose the decommissioned Leopard I tanks for use as realistic and durable targets on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.

Captain Rachel Brosseau is a Public Affairs Officer for the Canadian Armed Forces at 4 Wing Cold Lake.

“The tanks will be used as targets so they won’t be on display for the public to access,” Capt. Brosseau told Lakeland Connect.

Capt. Brosseau says tanks will be loaded onto semi-truck and trailer systems and travel along roadways between the
two locations.

“The shipment of tanks will be broken down into smaller segments and carried out three at a time until all tanks have been delivered in approximately summer 2022,” Capt. Brosseau wrote in a public service announcement.

The tanks will increase realism in training for missions such as armed reconnaissance and close air support.

“Prior to use on the range all targets must meet strict environmental conditions to ensure they are safe for the environment,” Capt. Brosseau said. “As well, the tanks are made safe by ensuring they can no longer function as a weapons system—hatches, compartments, and the turret are all welded shut.”

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