Monday , 29 November 2021

Lakeland Credit Union donates to Bonnyville Healthy Babies Program

The Lakeland Credit Union recently donated money to keep babies healthy in Bonnyville.
It’s called the Care Wear program.
“Lakeland Credit Union is an organization that gives to local organizations and events, but the Care Wear funds come directly from our wonderful staff,” the Lakeland Credit Union stated.
Every Friday, $2.00 is contributed to the Care Wear fund, and semi annually, the funds are distributed to local charities that the staff nominate and vote on.
“Staff dollars equal staff decisions.  Each year, we are able to give back to six different organizations,” Lakeland Credit Union said.
There were many organizations that were nominated and the Bonnyville Healthy Babies Program was the recipient for the Bonnyville portion of the Care Wear funds.  Funds are split equally between a Cold Lake based organization, a Bonnyville based and an overarching general Lakeland organization.
“Thank you so much for all you do, this program is very well deserving of these funds,” Lakeland Credit Union stated. “Stay tuned for more Care Wear presentations.”
Lakeland Connect would like to give a shout out to the Lakeland Credit Union for caring about our community.

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