Friday , 22 October 2021

Phil Kushnir wants your vote for Town of Bonnyville Council

Phil Kushnir says Bonnyville is in his blood, it’s his home and that’s why he is running for Town of Bonnyville Council.

Kushnir was born in Bonnyville and it has always had his heart.

“I have been married to my beautiful wife Doreen for 12 years and together we have a combined six children and five grandchildren,” Kushnir said. “I would not be here today if it wasn’t for my amazing wife. I am an entrepreneur and started my first business in 1986, and in 1993 moved back to Bonnyville for good when I bought the building that had the bingo hall in it. My drive and determination to succeed are instilled in my roots and my desire to make Bonnyville a vibrant place to live.”

Kushnir has big plans if he is elected to the town council.

“If I get elected, I want to set up meetings monthly meetings with the older generations, because I think we’re missing a whole bunch of knowledge there that we’re not getting,” Kushnir said. “We tend to take our seniors and put them away somewhere, and they don’t have an input anymore, other than every four years when they get the vote.”

Kushnir says starting monthly meetings with them will enable Council to hear their issues, but also bring issues to them.

“What happens is we made mistakes in the past, everybody has,” Kushnir said. “But we don’t want to repeat those mistakes. So there’s a whole bunch of knowledge there, a whole bunch of wisdom there that we can tap into that we’re not currently tapping into. So I think it’s a very vital thing for us to be able to do that.”

Kushnir also has plans to set up a technology hotline to help people deal with technology challenges.

“Technology is moving at such a fast pace that people are getting left behind and feeling abandoned,” Kushnir said.

Kushnir says he cares about this region and his volunteer background shows his dedication. He also says he will strive to make sure that public funds (taxes) are spent wisely and not wasted.

“I think we need to identify which services matter the most to citizens of Bonnyville and concentrate on those sources,” Kushnir said. “In order for our town to prosper we need to attract new businesses, people and diversify in the businesses we attract. I will endeavor to study other towns that have diversified and successfully grown their town or city. I was chair of the Alberta Winter Games in 2010, during the worst recession of my lifetime and we successfully raised funds ending with a $400,000 surplus.”

Kushnir says that if you cast your vote for him he pledges to listen to your concerns and make your voice heard.

If you would like to reach out to Kushnir with concerns please call 780-573-2002 or email [email protected]

“I believe I can be the voice of the people of Bonnyville,” Kushnir said. “Please vote Kushnir on October 18.”




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