Friday , 21 January 2022
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St. Paul residents send opposing opinions to Council before decision to implement Restrictions Exemption Program

The Town of St. Paul received upwards to 100 people opposing the implementation of the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) prior to the regular council meeting on September 27.

Council decided to implement the REP in the CAP Arena, Clancy Richard Arena and Curling Rink for adult user groups and their spectators only, not youth user groups and their spectators in these facilities. This option allows Youth sport to continue without proof of vaccination required.

One of those residents who sent concerns is Karmella Lou.

“I just got wind of a meeting held tonight. I was told it will be on vax passports. I Just would like to remind the town that there are Privacy laws for a reason, and if implemented you asking the people who work in this town to break the law,” Lou said. “Passing the buck just as our government has. There is so much heat around this discussion right now and all you have to do is look around to other countries, cities and provinces to see what is happening in these communities. Do you really want to welcome that into our town. I would hope you consider an
alternative to bring the town together rather then to divide it more.”

Resident Claire Ference was equally as upset.

“In response to tonight’s meeting…if part of the agenda is to implement Vaccine Passports in our community…this idea is totally ludicrous,” Ference wrote to the Town of St. Paul. “Anyone who does any bit of research towards this, knows that this will only create a huge division within a community. (which has already happened enough) Shame on the Town of St. Paul to even consider an idea as ridiculous as this! No to vaccine passports.”

Wayne Trach told the Town of St. Paul, “I am deeply concerned on what is being discussed tonight in regards to the vaccine passport for our town of St Paul.”

“This is such a breach of our charter of rights of Canada,” Trach wrote. “People have good reasons not to get vaccinated and it’s very much should be a personal choice. Creating more division in this world at this time is far from the right thing to be doing. I personally will not be able to work In my trade because of the vaccine and now you want to tell me that my kids cannot play sports or go in public places. I am
not ok with this and will not stand for it!”

“This decision will only hurt businesses and divide people and create mental problems for our kids you have to be able to see this. Please do not mandate this vaccine passport in our town,” Trach added.

The Dechaine family also voiced their concerns to Council.

“Over the past months we can all agree that COVID-19 has affected us all in one way or another,” The Dechaine family stated. “This town/ province/country has never been more divided in its entire existence. Now is the time to come together, support one another and not single one specific group of individuals. We need to stand united and not implement this Restriction Exemption Program into our community. The impacts of the REP implementation will be enormous.”

The Dechaine family wrote to Council, “This affects all youth sports in the area greatly. Without having vaccinated coaches, parents, players over 12 and volunteers, these teams will not be able to operate in this area. The Alberta Government stated last week that youth sport must continue for mental stability of youth and for the positive health affects this supply to our youth.”

“I strongly encourage council to think this through before any rash decisions are made regarding our unvaccinated population in this town and surrounding area,” The Dechaine family said. “Considering our town slogan is ‘A People Kind of Place’, a decision to move forward with this Vaccine Passport in town facilities would be contradicting to the slogan. Please be kind and respect everyone decision in this aspect.”

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