Thursday , 18 August 2022

Lac La Biche Council approves additional funding for Campsite Road Boat Launch

An update on the development of the Campsite Road Boat Launch was presented by administration recently to Lac La Biche County Council  and a request for additional funding to complete the development was presented which Council approved.

On September 28, Darrell Lessmeister,  who is the Associated CAO Recreation & Community Services for Lac La Biche County requested that County Council increase the 2021 Capital Budget amount for Campsite Road Boat Launch from $175,000 to $406,000 and that County Council approve that $231,000 transferred from accumulated surplus.

“We do have more information now and we will need additional funding to require to complete it,” Lessmeister said.

The development of Campsite Road Boat Launch has been a priority of County Council, Whitesands Resort and the Community. To complete
The development of Campsite Road Boat Launch has been in conjunction with the removal of the Whitesand Resort Peer.

“Due to poor condition of the peer, and danger to the public, the peer was removed in 2020. The removal of the peer left a void of a proper boat launch in the area,” Lessmeister said.

Proposed design. Council documents.

Lac La Biche County acquired property along Campsite Road to develop a Boat Launch in the area.

“As County Council is aware, a Water Act was obtained but there were concerns regarding historically significant and further investigation was required,” Lessmeister told Council during the funding request. The historical investigation and requirements were satisfied with the the design, the County can now move forward with the development of Campsite boat Launch.”

Councillor Lorin Tkachuk said during the funding request, “I’m all for us, increasing the budget and getting the project done. Obviously no one could have had the foresight to see that we’re going to run into archaeological significant area around that site, otherwise we wouldn’t have picked the site.”

“These things happen. Unfortunately we were at the mercy of the provincial government and I think the federal government on that one,”Councillor Tkachuk said. “This has been something that the residents in that area have been waiting for for a long time.”

The original estimate to develop Campsite Road Boat Launch was estimated at $175,000, Lessmeister told Council.

“To complete the Water Act, historical investigation and design, we have expended $82,000 in the present development of Campsite Road Boat Launch Development,” Lessmeister said. “We presently have $93,000.00 remaining in the original capital budget and estimating that administration will require an additional $231,000.00 of Capital funding to complete Campsite Road boat Launch Development.

County Administration is planning to complete the development of Campsite Road Boat Launch in the Fall of 2021 and the Spring of 2022, opening the Boat launch for May Long Weekend in 2022. However, administration is not recommending the parking lot be paved at the Campsite Road Boat Launch until  Campsite Road is paved.

“The recommendation is that the paving occur when the road is being paved to save on mobilization costs,” Lessmeister told Council.

Lac La Biche County Council approved the funding request with a unanimous decision.

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