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Here are your candidates for the 2021 municipal elections

It’s municipal election time in the Lakeland Region. Lakeland Connect has you covered, here are your candidates.

Town of Bonnyville

The Town of Bonnyville will be holding a General Municipal Election on Monday, October 18, 2021 where voters will elect one Mayor and six Councillors.  The positions of Mayor and Councillors are elected “at large”, meaning that each elected official represents every resident of the Town.

The following people are running for office in the Town of Bonnyville.

Candidate First Name Candidate Last Name Office
Chadwick Colbourne Councilor
Elisa Brosseau Mayor
Brian  McEvoy Councilor
Philip  Kushnir Councilor
Duane  Zaraska Mayor
Zak Eddamni Councilor
Neil  Langridge Councilor
Michael Morris Councilor
David Sharun Councilor
Byron Johnson Councilor
Kayla Blanchette Councilor
Trevor Makaruk Councilor
Darcy Zelisko Councilor
Bryan Krawchuk Councilor
James Dale Councilor

M.D. of Bonnyville

The Municipal District of Bonnyville will be holding a municipal election on Monday, October 18, 2021. Voters will elect one Reeve and six Councillors. * denotes the incumbent for that position.

Candidates for Reeve:

  • Barry Kalinski
  • Greg Sawchuk*

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 1

  • Josh Crick
  • Marc Jubinville*
  • Louise White

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 2

  • David Fox
  • Kurt Richard
  • Darcy Skarsen*

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 3

  • Mike Krywiak*
  • Lawrence Makaruk

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 4

  • Edward C. Duchesne*
  • Don Slipchuk
  • Marvin Tkachuk

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 5

  • Angela Cook
  • Roy Dell
  • Monika Iverson
  • Dana Swigart*
  • Erwin Thompson
  • Andy Wakaruk

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 6

  • Ben Fadeyiw*
  • Diane Jenkinson

City of Cold Lake

Residents have the opportunity to select their next City Council during the upcoming municipal election on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021.

Nominations closed on Monday, Sept. 20, with Craig Copeland running unopposed and acclaimed to the position of mayor for a fifth term. There are 15 candidates running for one of six positions as councillor.

The councillor candidates, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Larry Ashcroft
  • Ryan Bailey
  • Bob Buckle*
  • Hussein Elkadri
  • Sarah Fewchuk
  • Murray Gauthier
  • Ryan Lefebvre
  • Vicky Lefebvre*
  • Bob Mattice
  • Rhea McMillan
  • William (Bill) Charles Parker
  • Debra Pelechosky
  • Adele Richardson
  • Chris Vining*

* notes incumbent.

Residents have a variety of opportunities to vote, including four advance polling dates:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 5: Drive-through voting
  • Thursday, Oct. 7: Walk-in voting
  • Wednesday, Oct. 13: Drive-through voting
  • Friday, Oct. 15: Walk-in voting

Election Day is Monday, Oct. 18, with polls open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Energy Centre Reid Field House.

To vote in the upcoming municipal election, voters must reside in the city of Cold Lake, be a Canadian citizen and be at least 18 years old.

For more information on the upcoming municipal election, including advance polling locations and times, visit www.coldlake.com and click on the “Municipal Election” banner.

Lac La Biche County

Here are the current names running in the election for Lac La Biche County

(incumbent council members noted with *)

  • Office Candidate NameMayor HRYNYK, Arlene
    Mayor L’HEUREUX, George
    Mayor MOGHRABI, Omer
    Mayor REUTOV, Paul
    Councillor, Ward 1 AUSTIN, Wanda
    Councillor, Ward 1 BEISEL, Ab
    Councillor, Ward 1 BENIUK, Darlene
    Councillor, Ward 1 HILLARY, Lee
    Councillor, Ward 1 KUMPULA, Alvin
    Councillor, Ward 1 MCLEOD, J. Paul
    Councillor, Ward 2 BROWNLIE, Jodi
    Councillor, Ward 2 BUCHANAN, George
    Councillor, Ward 2 PARÉ, Kevin Andrew
    Councillor, Ward 2 SHAFFER, Liz
    Councillor, Ward 3 BORGUN, Colette (Elected)
    Councillor, Ward 4 BOYCHUK, Brad
    Councillor, Ward 4 MACOR, Emma
    Councillor, Ward 4 PREFONTAINE, Lloyd
    Councillor, Ward 4 STEDMAN, Jason
    Councillor, Ward 5 COLOSIMO, Terry
    Councillor, Ward 5 MOORE, Charlyn
    Councillor, Ward 6 JOHNSON, Sterling
    Councillor, Ward 6 QUINTAL, Daniel
    Councillor, Ward 6 STUREK, Al
    Councillor, Ward 7 ANDERSON, Dan
    Councillor, Ward 7 COTE, Colin
    Councillor, Ward 7 DEHEER, Brian
    Councillor, Ward 7 MONDAL, John Francies
    Councillor, Ward 7 NOWAK, John
    Councillor, Ward 7 SEDGWICK, Dale
    Councillor, Ward 7 TKACHUK, Lori

Town of St. Paul

  • Maureen Miller, Mayor (acclaimed)
  • Ron Boisvert, Councillor (incumbent)
  • Gary Ward, Councillor (incumbent)
  • Tyson deMoissac, Councillor (incumbent)
  • Siddharth (Sid) Sood, Councillor
  • Jyotiranjan (Joe) Khandual, Councillor
  • Normand (Norm) Noel, Councillor (incumbent)
  • Nathan Taylor, Councillor (incumbent)
  • Dwight Wiebe (Danny White), Councillor
  • Daniel Gadowski, Councillor
  • Brad Eamon, Councillor (incumbent)

Town of Vermilion

The next municipal general election will be held on October 18, 2021. The election will be for Mayor and six Councillors.

The following candidate’s are running in the election in the Town of Vermilion.

Caroline McAuley Mayor
Gregory Throndson Mayor
Paul Conlon Councillor
Bradley Gallamore Councillor
Richard Lavoie Councillor
Kevin Martin Councillor
Robert Pulyk Councillor
Joshua Rayment Councillor
Amr Rezk  Councillor
Robert Snow Councillor
Justin Thompson Councillor
Hayward Vaters Councillor
Erwin Warkentin Councillor
Kirby Whitlock Councillor
Richard Yaceyko Councillor

County of Vermilion

The next municipal election will be held on Monday, October 18, 2021, when voters will elect County Council.  Those elected in 2021 will serve a four-year term.  The County of Vermilion River will facilitate the Senate Election vote by issuing the senate election ballot to electors of the County of Vermilion River.

Candidates Running for 2021 Municipal Election:

Division 1

  • Marty Baker – acclaimed/incumbent

Division 2

  • Dale Swyripa – acclaimed/incumbent

Division 3

  • Stacey Hryciuk – acclaimed/incumbent

Division 4

  • Lonnie Wolgien – incumbent
  • George Kuneff
  • Murray Brown

Division 5

  • Jason Stelmaschuk- incumbent
  • Jacob Mohrbutter

Division 6

  • Clinton Murray – acclaimed/incumbent

Division 7

  • Leslie Cusack – incumbent
  • Brent Farrell


County of St. Paul

  • Ockerman, Glen
  • Weinmeier, Yvonne
Division 1
  • Younghans, Darrell * Acclaimed
Division 2
  • Kiss, Jim
  • Nielsen, Jonny
  • Wirsta, Kevin
Division 3
  • Boratynec, Albert
  • Fodchuk, Janice
  • Krekoski, Ross
  • Marcoux, Marc
  • Meger, Linda
Division 4
  • Fodness, Maxine * Acclaimed
Division 5
  • Hedrick, Dale
  • Reeves, Carol
Division 6
  • Dechaine, Louis
  • Dehod, Wendi
  • Miller, Ed

Advance voting will take place on October 7, 8, 9 (information at this link). Election Day is Monday, October 18 (link to voting locations)

Special Ballots: An Elector who is unable to vote at an Advance Vote or at a Voting Station on Election Day may apply to vote by special ballot under the following circumstances: a) physical incapacity; b) absence from the local jurisdiction, or c) being a Returning Officer, Deputy Returning Officer, Candidate, Official Agent or scrutineer who may be located on Election Day at a voting station other than that for the Elector’s place of residence.
If you require a Special Ballot, please contact Phyllis Corbiere, Deputy Returning Officer, at 780-645-3301 ext. 1203 or email [email protected]

Town of Elk Point

Here are the names of the people running in the election in Elk Point. * denotes the incumbent for that position.


  • Terri Lynn Hampson
  • Parrish Chi-Kin Tung


  • Jason David Boorse
  • Bernice Capjack
  • Wanda Lynn Cochrane
  • Debra Lynn McQuinn *
  • Tim Smereka*
  • Olivia Wilkins
  • Dwayne Yaremkevich

Village of Glendon

Here are the names of the people running in the election in Glendon. In a village the Mayor is appointed by Councillors.

  • Nicholas Werstiuk
  • Daryn Galatiuk
  • Roger Belknap
  • Dallas Fewchuk
  • Lorie Czuroski
  • Tanya Krywiak

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