Thursday , 23 September 2021

Arthur Green interviews Fort McMurray – Cold Lake Federal Candidate Shawn McDonald

The Fort McMurray – Cold Lake People’s Party of Canada Association is pleased to announce that Shawn
McDonald is running as candidate in the upcoming federal election.

Shawn is a lifelong Albertan born and raised in Lac La Biche. He began his career in 1997 working in the oil and gas industry. Shawn’s entrepreneurial drive led him to start his own company, Black Scorpion Contracting Ltd. Shawn knows first-hand as a business owner and employer the impact the energy industry has on the economy. He believes in a strong and vibrant oil industry. Shawn is a tireless supporter of pipelines and has been on the front lines fighting to keep Alberta’s energy industry strong.

“I’ve seen many families come out of poverty and lifted out of poverty because of oil and gas, and now with the recession and the Covid restrictions a lot of projects are being shelved or shutdown and I can see families going back into poverty because of lack of work” – Shawn McDonald

Shawn is a founding member of ROABA (Region One Aboriginal Business Association). Shawn stood as President for 7 years of the association and gained national and international recognition for his role in assembling the first indigenous-led rally for energy resources. Shawn’s commitment to his community and province goes far beyond energy. He is a board member of the IRN-Indigenous Resource Network (national level), as well as a board member for the Hylo / Venice Agricultural society. He is also very active as a local volunteer dedicating his time and resources whenever and wherever there is a need. In fact, during the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016, Shawn jumped in his truck and took water, gas and food to those who found themselves stranded along the highway. During the floods in 2020 he loaded up with water and supplies and delivered them from Lac La Biche to the residents in Fort McMurray.

Shawn believes that the constitutional rights and freedoms for every Canadian should be recognized, respected, and protected.

“I will fight for the people and our freedom, our resources and not have the government choose for us” “My main goal is to fight for people and their rights” – Shawn McDonald



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