Wednesday , 22 September 2021

The Lakeland Humane Society releases statement about City of Cold Lake Animal Intake Facility

The Lakeland Humane Society (LHS) has released an official statement via social media about the new City of Cold Lake Animal Intake Facility.

“The Lakeland Humane Society is unaware at this time of the direction the City of Cold Lake will be proceeding with at the new City of Cold Lake Animal Intake Facility. No contract has been negotiated that would see our organization overseeing the care of the animals at the new facility or to have us assume care of them after the city’s proposed five day holding period.”

“To say our staff and Board members were oblivious to the construction of the building or its intended use would be a misrepresentation. Since the building was proposed the LHS has attempted to reach out to council on multiple occasions to seek clarity as to what (if any) role our organization would have in this new venture, to date our questions/ concerns have remained unanswered. The Lakeland Humane Society pound keeping contract ended in January 2019, and was renewed with a month-to-month agreement to provide pound keeping services to the City of Cold Lake. Our organization will continue to serve the community in this capacity until advised otherwise.”

“For those with concerns about the shelters use of taxpayers dollars, rest assured the payments received from the city do not fund our charitable activities, quite the opposite. Long term residents are cared for using fundraised dollars. The fees received from the city do not cover the costs incurred during the mandatory ten day holding period according to the city’s current bylaws.”

“Please voice all of your concerns or inquiries about animal welfare as well as any questions about the operation of this new facility to: The Mayor at [email protected] or [email protected]; Glen Barnes at [email protected] or Chris Vining at [email protected] or call City Hall at 780.594.4494. Feel free to cc the Lakeland Humane Society.”

“There is an old expression never build your house on borrowed land. Due to the lack of communication from the city our Board of Directors became uneasy with the prospect of building a permanent structure on the current site. It was one of many factors, including steep costs of new construction that factored into the Boards decision to purchase the Tarramara kennel location. This new location will also provide many more enrichment opportunities for our canine and feline residents which will facilitate faster and more consistently successful adoptions.”

“If you have questions about the Lakeland Humane Society and/or the recent purchase of the Tarramara property, please do not hesitate to contact us at 780.594.1896 or [email protected] [email protected]

“In closing, the Lakeland Humane Society would like to see our relationship with the City of Cold Lake move toward an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties. Our Board welcomes a meeting and open discussion pertaining to the role the LHS is expected to play in housing these animals and where the funds required to provide care are going to come from. Most importantly ensuring any final agreement benefits the animals and tax paying citizens of our beautiful community.”

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