Wednesday , 22 September 2021
Brenda Field

$100,000 EXTRA windfall for Bonnyville Winner

Brenda Field found herself caught in a loop when she scanned her WESTERN 649 ticket for the June 23 draw and discovered she’d won $100,000 on the EXTRA she added to it.


“I just kept repeating ‘no fricken way!’ over and over again,” laughed Field as she claimed her prize. “I couldn’t believe it.

Field discovered her win using the Lotto Spot! app almost a week after the draw, and scanned it “between 5 and 10 times” – just to be sure. Field had picked up her winning ticket the day before the draw at the Esso at 4602 50th Avenue in Bonnyville.

She says she plans to use the windfall to get debt free and put it toward building a new home.

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