Wednesday , 22 September 2021

Canadian Snowbird will perform Sunday in Cold Lake

The Canadian Snowbirds have announced they will be performing Sunday at 1:30pm in Cold Lake for Aqua Days. The news comes after initially canceling both Saturday and Sunday performances.


The Snowbirds took to social media to spread the good news.


In the post the attributed the ability to perform for Sunday to “hard working technicians” who had been “relentless in fixing the problem”.

On Saturday, visitors and residents of Cold Lake were treated to a performance by the CF-18 demo team, as well as concert from Eversky and Default and a wide variety of family fun and activities.

Along with the Snowbirds, Sunday’s festivities include a circus, lumberjack show, cardboard boat races and fireworks at dusk.

Aqua Days is the first major event Cold Lake has held since the onset of the pandemic.


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