Thursday , 18 August 2022
11-year-old Leland Warburton has been entered into The Guinness Book of Records. Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect.

Leland Warburton unofficially breaks Rubik’s Cube world record

Leland Warburton has done it and he did it 11 seconds faster than anyone else in the world.

The Bonnyville youth has unofficially broken a world record for solving a Rubik’s cube while operating a hoverboard. Warburton did it in 19 seconds smashing the current world record of 30 seconds.

His mom, Lianne Warburton, says it will take about 16 weeks for it to be official in the Guiness Book of World Records.Yesterday, July 25, Leland stood in front of his school École des Beaux-Lacs and made magic happen.

“So pretty much it all started, like, six months ago, probably, when we applied,” Leland told Lakeland Connect in his live interview. “And it took a while for them to get back to me. But after they did, they gave us a set of rules, and people to get and we needed a few timekeepers.”

He was able to get the people he needed which included, the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, at least two timekeepers, a cube mixer, a cube inspector, witnesses, an official photographer, and a videographer for the big record-smashing attempt.

“I’m so glad that a bunch of people came on the weekend and watched my record,” Leland said.

The youth from Bonnyville who wants to be a surgeon someday says, “It just takes practice and if you Google it on the internet, like how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, it’ll give you algorithms.”

When he first started practicing he could only solve a Rubik’s Cube in roughly one minute the 11-year-old Bonnyville resident said.

For now, he will take the time of 19 seconds as the new potential Guiness Book of World Record holder, but he plans to get quicker with more practice.

Congratulations Leland, you have shown the Lakeland Region and the world that you can accomplish anything if you work hard and put your mind to something. We are so proud of you.

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