Saturday , 27 November 2021
Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect.

Elk Point resident revitalizes iconic RCMP sign in town

An Elk Point resident has taken the initiative to repaint the RCMP statue in the town at the corner of 50th Ave and Hwy 41.

When Micki Weeks purchased her house behind the faded RCMP statue in Elk Point she knew she had to take action. The sign has been in the town since 1974 and Weeks reached out to the Town Council to request permission to revitalize the sign, and with their approval, she repainted the statue with donated paint. After she mixed the perfect Red Serge redness by hand.

Mayor Lorne Young, (L-R) Micki Weeks, and Sgt. Dave Henry. Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect

“It took around six hours to repaint,” Weeks told Lakeland Connect. “It was really rusty before I started and faded.”

Weeks has been an artist since she was two years old, and her specialty is portraits. She says keeping old infrastructure alive in small towns should be important to everyone.

“It seems right to keep everything fresh,” Weeks said. “This should last a really long time.”

Lorne Young is the Mayor of the Town of Elk Point and says he was astounded by Week’s kindness.

“What’s really incredible is a new resident that moved into Elk Point in the last couple of years, took a look at this and saw it needed a little spruce up and said you know what, I can help you,” Mayor Young said. “She just offered to step up and do it and did an absolutely incredible job.”

Mayor Lorne Young presents Micki Weeks with a gift from the town for her kindness on July 7, 2021. Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect

Mayor Young says the RCMP does a great job in the community in the Town of Elk Point.

“We just wrote a letter to the province saying, let’s keep our RCMP force,” Young said. “We want to keep the force.”

Sgt. Dave Henry from the Elk Point RCMP was also in attendance for the signs unveiling on June 7.and says it is inspiring to see that a townsperson took the time to repaint a statue for the RCMP.

Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect

“You know, it means a lot to us, it shows that people are still engaged and are so caring,” Sgt. Henry said. “To have a small town come together for something as small as this is kind of cool.”

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