Sunday , 26 September 2021

Town of Vermilion Proclaims Rural Health Week from May 24-28

Rural health providers are powerful assets in their communities. Not only do their health-care skills and practices enhance their community’s quality of life, the Town of Vermilion says but these professionals also contribute to rural life on a more personal level.

On May 18, in the regular council meeting,  Caroline McAuley the Mayor of the Town of Vermilion, designated May 24-28 as Alberta Rural Health Week in the Town of Vermilion.

These providers work in various locations in our communities and often do not receive the reignition for the hard work they provide.

When you think about the scope of all of them, those are not just the individuals who work at the hospital and at the lodge which we traditionally think of, but also those individuals who work in long term care, those who work in public health, and then those who work in the communities,” Mayor McAuley said in the meeting. “Think about physiotherapists that help keep you healthy, the pharmacies, the pharmacists and the techs, who’ve been immunizing like crazy and giving medications. I know I’m missing lots of health care providers but I think a big shout out to all of them, and they’ve been helping to us to live through this pandemic as well. So with that I will proclaim the town of vermillion honor Alberta rural health week from May 24 to 28.”

Rural health professionals are also community volunteers, led by local health professional attraction and retention committees, and are the heart and soul of their communities, the proclamation reads.

“I urge all community residents to show appreciation for the contributions of the rural health professionals and community volunteers whose abilities and efforts enhance the quality of life in rural Alberta,” Mayor McAuley said in the proclamation.

These local volunteers go above and beyond to support health care and health-care providers in their communities, developing innovative  collaborative approaches to successfully attract and retain health-care providers, and help keep health care close to home.

Let your community know you care, say thank you to a rural health provider on social media at #WeCareInTheLakeland.

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