Wednesday , 28 July 2021
Generic picture of an oilfield site.

The Haunting of the Lakeland: The Ghost of 2-25

This week, Lakeland Connect is featuring the real-life paranormal experiences of local people that defy explanation and will leave you wondering if we are truly alone.

If you are easily scared read at your own risk…

Haunted oilfield site

“The Giltedge field is between Vermilion and Wainwright–it’s been there since the 40s. It’s a river valley that kind of splits the property, there’s Husky on one side and Enerplus on the other.

“But in the river valley, there’s this little satellite remote, it’s called the 2-25 battery. So it produces fluid down there and it pumps it up the hill to the main plant. In the 30s, there was used to be a homestead, a husband and wife and they had three daughters. The story goes that the old man went crazy and he killed him all. Murdered everybody.

“Now, I worked at the Giltedge plant for eight years. And you’d get call-outs in the middle of the night. I’d get a call-out going there. And one night, I was out there, and it was 1 o’clock in the morning, and I’m getting things going by myself.

“Now I’ve heard owls, I’ve heard birds. There was no doubt. It’s tough to kind of explain this picture, but it was a woman’s scream, a blood-curdling scream and it was in my ear. It felt so close to me, but also like it was coming from far away.

“Trust me, the hair is standing up on your neck, and I got out of there. I didn’t look back, I just booked it.

“We used to call it the Ghost of 2-25. Sometimes we had it where you’d show up there, you’d walk into one building, and then you’d come back out. And in the next building, all the doors would be wide open.

“Now there are doors that are locked, and then they would be open, and they weren’t open when you got there. All of a sudden, the doors would just be open.

“One guy, he went out to his truck, he had his tools out, a socket set on the tailgate. He went into the building, and you know you grab a half-inch or seven sixteenths, and you’re like, ‘Ah, sh–, I needed the nine sixteenths.’ So you walk in-walk out, kind of thing.

“He went out to his truck, he grabbed his tools, came into the building, walked back out, and his socket set was laying on the ground, in the perfect order how it was in the set, but the case was still on the tailgate–all in the matter of a minute or two minutes of walking in and out of the building.

“There are guys that worked there that refused to do call-outs by themselves.

“This one guy I worked with, when we were on call, he used to say, ‘Can you be my backup?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, OK, whatever.’ It was at a certain level that you would call somebody in to help you. We would share the call. So we’d go out there, but he’d sit in his truck at the gate. He said, ‘I’m not going in there.’ He would not go in until someone else was there. It scared him–freaked him right out.

“We hung up a little doll and we had it hanging in there from the roof, to just kind of keep the ghosts in mind. We’d talk to the ghosts in there.

“You have an old facility, old buildings, and you do upgrades to the building. So you never take some of the stuff out, you just build around it and there’d be stuff that would be opened or moved or changed that you would have to make an effort to get in there and do it. These heavy, massive doors would be open.

“You can say it’s just the wind, but we’re down in a valley, nothing is blowing these doors open and shut.

“So we’d have to shut everything up again. And as we’re leaving we’d say, ‘Hey, what’s going on today? We really want to keep these doors shut.'”

“I’m not saying this happened all the time, but in the times that I worked there might have been, say six or seven different things that happened…just weird things that we could not explain….”

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