Thursday , 17 June 2021

Library seeks direction for future development in Vermilion

The Vermilion Public Library hosted a needs assessment meeting earlier this week, led by Alberta Community Development’s Heather Nickel.

Nearly 20 participants gathered online on October 26, to discuss what the future of Vermilion should look like.

Library manager, Stuart Pauls, hopes to use the outcomes as a guideline for the Library to continue its effectiveness in the community.

“The report will not just provide a road map for the library, but for an ideal community as well,” said Nickel.

Many felt Vermilion is a strong community but over the next 10 years want to see continued growth and improvement.

They suggest striving for synergy between established community groups and creating awareness about what others are doing.

They aim to find additional ways to support and connect varying demographics such as seniors or children and incorporate residents outside of Vermilion. In the long run, they also hope to provide help for the socially vulnerable.

The group identified increased communication, establishing trust, and using technology as a big part of bridging some of the gaps to make those goals a reality.

“Libraries have changed dramatically throughout the years,” said Pauls.

The group discussed the importance of legacy and recruitment for businesses and organizations. Participants even offered advise for residents moving forward such as not being afraid to change or ask for help.

“There are not two libraries the same, and they continue to evolve and respond to community needs,” said Nickel.

In an effort to establish the community’s greatest needs, Alberta Community Development’s Shari Hanson compiled information from the group including community weaknesses, strengths, and ways to build upon those.

The report will be shared with the library as well as their community partners and board members, and may go on to influence organizations like FCSS or CLASS.

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